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Pain In My Heart Bass - Neocolors

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Pain In My Heart Bass

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                Dedicated this song to the carinderia na nakainan namin sa floodway sa Pasig eto na po
tab ng pain in my heart okkk....maganda yung gitara anyway...sa mga kosa ko jan sa SHARP
kay Jonito na driver kong makulit
to para sa inyo..

Repeat Intro 2X

        G                CM+5              D
I----------------I-----------------I----------2-h-2-I }
I-----------3----I----------0------I-------3--------I }
I--------0-------I-------------0---I----2-----------I }2X Intro
I----------------I------2----------I--0-------------I }
I-----2----------I----3------------I----------------I }
I---3------------I-----------------I----------------I }

        G                 CM+5              D                  G,(F)
      Here      I      am   alone       in this  empty room

        Em               A7                D
    and   let  my   mind just fly   you to the end

Repeat the above tab in this part: Always use plucking

 G            CM+5              D            G{F}
Thoughts of you still linger in my memories

 Em               A7               D
wondering why my life is not that fair.


       Bm            Em                   Bm              Em
 I    could    still    recall,    the   memories   of   you
       (Bm)            (Em)
I---------------I---------------I }
I---------------I---------------I }
I----------4----I----------0----I }Use in both of this upper lyrics..
I--------4---4--I--------2---2--I }
I---2-----------I------2--------I }
I---------------I---0-----------I }

        A7              D                A7                D
 the   joy      and     laughter,  the  love  wasn't  be  there
        (A7)            (D)
I---------------I-----------2---I }
I------2--------I---------3-----I }
I--------0------I------2--------I }use this in both lyrics then go in.
I----2----------I----0----------I }
I--0------------I---------------I }
I---------------I---------------I }

 D(C)        Bm        C         D    (Plucking lang pag laruin nyo lang da
 oh I    can't believe   your   gone.   liri nyo kasi mahirap mag tab eh..)


      '        Bm          Em           C                   D
 I dont want to remember  the  things  we  used  to  do

  D/C      Bm           C           D
 all the things that reminds me of you

          Bm           Em                  C          D
 I dont want to hear that song the songs we used to sing

   Bm5           Em              D           G---tapos diretso ontro
 cause I don't want to feel the pain in my heart..

2nd Stanza..Same pa rin ulit lang ng first lyrics chords nya..

G           CM+5         D                G,-G(F)
Talking to myself, the reason I should find
Em              A7               D
finding out why everything went wrong..
G              CM+5               D                      G' G(F)
tears falling down my cheeks, that I've been trying to hold
Em                 A7              D
It doesnt know if I could still go on...
 Bm              Em       Bm              Em
I wanted you to stay the tears begins to show
 A7            D           A7                 D,D(C)
you said you care for me but now you have to go
        Bm           C        D
ohh.  I can't believe you're gone..

REPEAT: CHORUS {tama ba yung terminology ko pag pasensyahan nyo na....}

tapos ito na yung adlib nya...

        Bm              Em           Bm              Em --

        A9            Dm5          A9          Dm5

  Bm5      Cm5                      Dm5
 I   Just  can't  believe  you're   gone

REPEAT CHORUS:  Repeat last stanza two times

    Dm5            Cm5           D(C)        G(F)        CM+5
I-----------I  I-----------I I---------I I------3-I I------------|I
I--5--------I  I--3--------I I---3-----I I------3-I I------0-----|I
I--5--------I  I--3--------I I-2-------I I----x---I I------------|I
I--5---5----I  I--3---3----I I--x------I I----x---I I--2---------|I
I--5---5----I  I--3---3----I I-----3---I I----x---I I----3-------|I
I-----------I  I-----------I I---------I I---2----I I------------|I

Dapat yan tataas pa ng tono eh 2 frets kaso bahala na kayo kung gusto nyo pang
antok na ako hirap talaga mag tab..bahala na kayo mag arrange maganda tong kanta na ito kung pede
i- share yung actual e para kuhang kuha kaso ewan ko lang kung tama pag kagawa ko ng tab 
ito basta pagandahin nyo na lang husto antok na me geh.. gudnyt
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