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Mountain Goats - Dance Music Ukulele

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Dance Music Ukulele

(ver. 1)
Mountain Goats
Mountain Goats – Dance Music

This isn't my first tab but the first one i'm sharing... i've viewed the other tabs for 
song and they are close but i think this sounds a bit closer.. enjoy :)

Tuning: Standard

Intro: G E (x3)  C D

Verse 1:
               G             C         D              G
alright i'm on johnson avenue in san luis obispo
        G          C             D       G
and i'm five years old or six maybe.
        G                    C                    D       G
and indications that there's something wrong with our new house,
C               D
  trip down the wire twice daily.

Verse 2:
          G       C                 D         G
i'm in the living room watching the watergate hearings,
        G           C            D      G
while my stepfather yells at my mother
            G               C    D                G
launches a glass across the room, straight at her head.
      C                     D
and i dash upstairs to take cover,

Chorus 1:
        C                                G
lean in close to my little record player on the floor,
C                         D
  so this is what the volume knob's for,
             G      C     D       G
i listen to         dance music.
G     C     D       G
      dance music.

Bridge:  same as intro...

Verse 3:
                G         C     D     G
okay so look i'm seventeen years old
           G         C           D      G
you're the last best thing i got going
             G              C
but then the special secret sickness
          D           G
starts to eat through you
          C                D
what am i supposed to do?     no way of knowing

Verse 4:
     G          C            D              G
so i follow you down your twisting alleyways
       G          C         D    G
find a few cul-de-sacs of my own
             G         C         D         G
there's only one place this road ever ends up
    C                 D
and i don't wanna die alone

Chorus 2:
                    C                 G
let me down, let me down, let me down gently
C                         D
  when the police come to get me
             G      C     D       G
i listen to         dance music.
G     C     D       G
      dance music.

Outro : G C D G (x4)
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