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Miley Cyrus - Pablow Chords

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Pablow Chords

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Miley Cyrus
[Verse 1]
C                      Am
How can I love someone I never touched?

                    F            C           G
You lived under the water, but I love you so much

    C                           Am 
You never been on land, and you never seen the sky

                      F                        C                   G
You don't know what a cloud is, why does everything I love have to die?

C                                Am
They all wanted to see you be as big as you could be

But I couldn't let that be
               C                     G
By keeping you small, by keeping you safe

           C                Am
If I could do it again, I'd release you to sea

Cause I can't bear to see

             C                  G
Something so wild just die in a tank

[Chorus 1]
    Am         F
And Pablow the blowfish

  C           G
I miss you so much

    Am         F
And Pablow the blowfish

  C           G
I miss you so bad

[Verse 2]
   C                      Am
On Saturday night, we all went out to eat

          F                              C  G
But I can never decide, so someone chose sushi

C               Am
I got soup, and I ordered rice

                F                                 C   G
But watching my friends eat my friends, ruined my appetite

[Chorus 2]
    Am         F
Oh, Pablow the blowfish

             C                    G           
If they only knew you like I do

They'd love you too

    Am         F
And Pablow the blowfish

  C           G
I miss you so bad

[Verse 3] (lower octave on piano)
C                        Am
I won't forget, even one second we had

          F                            G
Cause you might be gone, but you could never be dead

  C                                  Am
I heard of a seahorse named Sadie, I heard she was quite the lady

Maybe you'll find her and you could make babies

That'd be kind of crazy

[Bridge] (Sad Part)
   Am         F
If Pablow the blowfish

      C                G
Found love deep in the sea, Then that would mean

Am         F
Pablow the blowfish

          C                       G
Is better off than here with me

    Am         F
But Pablow the blowfish

  C           G
I miss you so bad...            
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