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Mgmt - Mother Nature Chords

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Mother Nature Chords

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D Asus4 G Asus4 X2
[Verse 1]
D Asus4     G              Asus4
  I put the groceries down on the front lawn
D Asus4               G                  Asus4
  And think maybe the children just want recognition
D Asus4       G              Asus4
  I wrote the fairytale on a midnight drive
D Asus4      G           Asus4
  Wanting to know if I'm more than alive
Bm              E
  I torched the fields again
  And killed an honest man
        A          A#dim
  Now I understand Mother Nature
D Asus4    G                  Asus4
  Watch me running head-first into the thorns
D Asus4         G              Asus4
  It's like the lights are off but somebody's home
Bm            Em
  Unwrap that tourniquet 'round the sun
Bm           Em
  Turn those subtle reds into neon
G                E
  You'll see the difference when it's done
        D               Asus4/C#
  But I undеrstand your hesitation
[Verse 2]
D Asus4       G                 Asus4
  Come take a walk with mе down billionaire's row
D Asus4     G                Asus4
  Trying to keep our balance over zero
D Asus4           G                 Asus4
  We'll write the fairytale for the rest of our lives
D Asus4        G          Asus4
  Throwing the trash away one more time
Bm        Em
  Holding on to love like a stone
Bm        Em
  Melting down today for tomorrow's
  Covenant of the heart
  You know it's turbulent from the start
        D               Asus4/C#
  And I understand it's not your nature
Bm Em Dsus2/A A
                 G     Em     Dsus2/A
  But you need a friend
D/F#            Bm     Em     Dsus2/A
  To take you home
A                 G     Em     Dsus2/A     D/F#
  You've got to begin again
Dsus2/A                    Dsus2/C#     Dsus2/A
  To open castle gates and let me go inside
                                Dsus2/C#       Dsus2/A
  And taste the bitter tea that won't let you hide
                           Dsus2/C#       Dsus2/A
  Then we can take away as much as we can steal
                                   Dsus2/C#      Dsus2  Dsus2/E
  Break all the precious bones before the guards appear
Dsus2/F# Dsus2/G Dsus2/A              Dsus2
  Before the fantasy is cast into the fire
  And strike the temple bell to resonate the
  Covenant of the heart
  You know what comes right after the dark
        D               Asus4/C#
  But I understand your hesitation
(repeat until the sunset)
D Asus4 G Asus4
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