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Melanie C - Ga Ga Tabs

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Ga Ga Tabs

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
Melanie C
Melanie C

Ok so this is only my first tab but I’m
100% sure that it’s alright. This is one 
of the best songs on the album! Here are 
the chords used. Enjoy 

Regular tuning, no capo.

Bb5  Eb5  Gb5  Db5  E5   E   F#  Amaj7  F#sus2
 X    x    2    x    0   0    2    x       X
 1    6    4    4    7   2    4    0       X
 3    8    4    6    9   2    4    2       2
 3    8    x    6    9   1    3    1       4
 x    x    x    0    x   0    2    2       5
 x    x    x    0    x   0    2    0       2

C#5   A5  F#5
 X     x   2
 4     0   4
 6     2   4
 6     2   x
 x     x   
 x     x   x


(strum quite fast) Listen to the song 
To get the exact timing

Bb5 (x8)   Eb5 (x8) Repeat this once

The verse is exactly the same…

Bb5               Eb5        Bb5
I don’t want your adoration. Don’t want your…

You get the idea, until the end of the verse after

And I’m grateful 

Change to 

I never ever felt anything stranger.

All 3 verses follow this exact pattern


(Each chord is strummed 6 times)

Db5    Eb5    E5       Gb5
Ga Ga! Crazy! Foolish! For wanting you.

Repeat once over…

Stupid! Cupid! He’s a drag he’s not like you.


(A little bit more complicated cause the rhythm
Changes a bit)

All of these timings are approximate. If you listen to
The track you can clearly hear the chord changes.

E (x15)                             F# (x15)
People say that it’s insane we love to feel the pain.

             Amaj7(x6)    Fsus2 (x6)   C#5(until verse 2)
And it hurts. Yes it hurts. Let it hurt       

Verse 2 (Same as verse 1)

I don’t want emotional hassle. I just want another bite of the apple. Dark thoughts need satisfaction. We’re
Gonna crash lets make it happen.


Bridge 2

People say that it’s insane we love to feel the pain.
And it hurts yes it hurts let it hurt.

Verse 3

This will never be over, and you will always be mine.
You gotta feed my hunger baby. I am ready to dine.

Chorus (x3)

The first chorus here is played without the chords so
Leave it. The next two are played as normal.

Then play the …

“And it hurts, and it hurts let it hurt” bit over three times.


A5(x6)                 F#5(x6)   C#5(x6)
(Quietly) And it hurts.

And that’s it! It’s pretty straightforward!
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