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Fall To Pieces Tabs

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Matt Nathanson
Fall to Pieces Tab

Tab created by: Hassassin.

Well here's the tab for fall to pieces...was searching for it online a few months 
find it
anywhere. Not exactly my type of song, but wanted to learn it for someone.I did it in 
key of c,
dunno the actual scale its done in, though, but it sounds alrite. Open positions for the chords
 sound the best, but doing it in the barre versions will probably be easier.

The chords in () dont have 2 b played....it sounds fine w/out them but if you have 2 
one of them
could play the all the chords, but the main guitarist shudnt play the ones in the 
youre doin it solo,
just ignore those n kep doin the ones w.out brackets .Listen to the song
for the strumming pattern...there isnt really a proper one, but the later on in the 
its often
single downstrokes on an electric....wat the hell check it out urself. & ~~~~~~ means 
not vibrato,

Enuff of this though....Lets get to the tab.Sorry if there r ne mistakes,
i've only been playing 4 about 6 months, n this is my 1st tab. Any suggestions , mail me 

C           (G7)     C           F          G7
Would You to fall to pieces if i never came back

C      (G7)                      Am  G7  F
Tear it all apart till there was nothing left

Bm      C           Am         G7
Fall to pieces if i never came back

      G  F    Em       C
Spent so long waiting, here.
                                                       or Em
Riff 1(one guitar plays the chords while the other     /
picks the notes.if ur goin solo, do the chords)       /
  G7  F            Em    Dm                    C Dm Dm G7G7    F   Em

Riff 2, played after riff 1, n also a few times during the verse -


C    F    Em  C
So I wear you out

F            Em                 F     Em Dm   C
Who would've thought that you'd still be here now.

F    (Em)   (F)  G7     F     G7     (F)(Em)
And I swear dear that I never wanted to be

F   Em               C       Dm     Em
Any better than your weakest moment now.

***Repeat chorus n do next Verse with same chords.***

Violin part, then,

(C)      F            Em       Dm      C
And I've watched them all move through you

F            Em  Dm      C
Watched them all let you down.
***repeat chorus***

Bm                     C
Would you faaaaalll to pieeeeceeees,

Am                    G7                   C
If i never came back, if i never came back again.

C       G7          Dm           C
Do you? Don't you? 'Cause I wont forget you

C                 G7            Dm
You've filled me, with nothing, felt so good,

C                  F
It'll all come out someday.

Outro(listen to the song for this part, n like before if ur doin it solo do only the chords)--

  F  Em  F  Em  F Em   FsG F E C (FsG means slide on to G from F, so do the barre chords)
D-3~~2~~~3~~2~~~3~~2~~|3/5-3-2-----------------|  x 2

Lyrics -

so i wear you out...
so who would've thought that you'd still be here now

and i swore dear
that i never
wanted to be
any better
than your weakest moment

would you fall to pieces
if i never came back?
tear it all apart
til there was nothing left
would you fall to pieces
if i never came back...
spent so long waiting here

this was all sweet once
when i was fingertips and innocence

and too scared to
let go i had my
arms thread through
the pretty holes
of your most romantic

would you fall to pieces
if i never came back?
tear it all apart
til there was nothing left
would you fall to pieces
if i never came back
spent so long waiting here

and i've watched them all move through you
yeah, i've watched them all let you down.

it's do you
and don't you
cause i won't forget you
you filled me with nothing
it felt so good
it'll all come out some day

Well tc n njoy.....give it a try...its a really
good song.------------------------    Hassassin.
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