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Mark Lanegan - Hit The City Bass

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Hit The City Bass

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
Mark Lanegan

Tuning: Standard (EADG)

  Okay, this is a simple, yet amazingly good song. What a riff.
Of course the tuning is arguable, seeing as these guys are known
for playing in C, but just for the sake of ease, I'm tabbing it 
in standard. By all means, transpose to your heart's content. I'm
fairly sure its correct.

  To get a sound similar to what is achieved on the album, I use
some tasteful overdrive. If you don't mind picks, try all downstrokes.

  I've also included the correct lyrics.

  Fig. 1 (Verses)

  Fig. 2 (Pre-Chorus)

                                                             _______________  __________
  Fig. 3 (Chorus)                                           |a.              |b.

Intro: Fig.1 x 2

Fig. 1
The dark descends through the promised land

Fig. 1
Down kingdom come and the acid ban

Fig. 2
I'm Babylon burned inside out, nothing to kill it

Fig 3b
I hit the city

Fig. 1
In Marianne I dug a hole

Fig. 1
And watched her trip on my hollow soul

Fig. 2
And in the end all that crawled was my skin, I couldn't kill it

I hit the city, I hit the city

Fig.3a  ,  Fig. 1 x 2
[ Guitar Solo ]

The ghost arrives at his bitter end

To the promised land and the dark descent

I'm Babylon burned inside out, nothing to kill it

I hit the city...


 The last verse and chorus are the same as the others,
play fig. 3a forever until you...

end on A|-6-

Thanks for viewing, feel free to email with questions, comments, concerns.

 /  slide up
 \  slide down
 h  hammer-on
 p  pull-off
 ~  vibrato
 +  harmonic
 x  Mute note
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