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Marc Cohn - The Things Weve Handed Down Chords

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The Things Weve Handed Down Chords

(ver. 1)
Marc Cohn
[Intro] D  A/C#  Bm  G

[Verse 1]
   D              A/C#          Bm 
I don't know much about you,  I don't 
know who you are
              D          A/C#     
And we'd been doing fine without you,
             Bm         G
but we could only go so far
   D                 A/C#             
I don't know why you chose us, were you 
Bm            G
watching from above
         D                  A/C#          
Is there someone there that knows us  
          Bm           G   D A/C# Bm G
said we'd give you all our love

[Verse 2]
         D                    A/C# 
Will you laugh just like your mother will 
    Bm                  G
you sigh like your old man
                 D          A/C#    
Will some things skip a generation like I've 
Bm               G
heard they often can

          A          Bm       D      A/C#   
Are you a poet or a dancer, a devil or a 
     D           A/C#  Bm     A6  
Or a strange new combination of the 
G            A      D  A/C# Bm G
things we've handed down

[Verse 3]
  D                 A/C#        
I wonder who you'll look like, will your 
 Bm                 G
hair fall down and curl
 D            A/C#            Bm        
Will you be a momma's boy or daddy's 
little girl
         D         A/C#                     
Will you be a sad reminder of what's been 
Bm             G
lost along the way
      D               A/C#             
Maybe you can help me find her in the 
Bm                 G  
things you do and say

          A                   Bm             
And these things that we have given you 
         D      A/C#    G
They are not so easily found 
     D       A/C#     Bm      
But you can thank us later 
A6       G            A      D  A/C# Bm G
For the things we've handed down

[Verse 4]
            D             A/C#    
You may not always be so grateful for the 
Bm                G
way that you were made
           D                A/C#                   
Maybe some feature of your father's that 
      Bm              G
you'd gladly sell or trade
    D                A/C#          Bm 
And one day you may look at us and say 
that you were cursed
     D             A/C#               
But over time that line has been 
Bm                G
extremely well rehearsed

        A                 Bm             
By our fathers and their fathers in some 
D        A/C#    G
old and distant town
            D      A/C#    Bm      
From places no one here remembers 
A6       G            A       D  A/C# Bm G
come the things we've handed down            
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