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Te Llore Un Rio Tabs

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
                                by MANA

                Words and Music by FHER (vocals) and ALEX (battery)        =

This is and CAIFANES are of the best rock bands Mexico has ever had. Mexican
people reading this can testify that what im saying is true.=20
This song is taken from the album DONDE JUGARAN LOS NI=D1OS you can find=
a cute version of it in MANA=B4s LIVE ALBUM.
If you are not latin american i swear you=B4ll like this band.

Chords used :  D, A, Bm, G

Intro :

E -------------------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------------
D -2-------2------2-----2----2-------2-----2-------
A ---3---3------3-----3--------3---3------------3--
E -----2-----5------2------------2-----0-0---0-----

* Let=B4s call this #, where this # appears play this=20

                    D    =20
E ------------------------
B ------------------------
G ------------------------
D --2-2-------------2-----
A ------3-2-0-2-0-2-3-----
E ------------------2-----

* Let=B4s call this %, where % appears play this=20

D ------------------------
A -------------3-3-2-0----
E -2-3-5-3-2-3------------

1. Yo aqu=ED llorandote un rio
   D                      A
   lanzandome al olvido
                    Bm   =20
   que cosa mas injusta amor
                   A          #=20
   Fuiste matando mis pasiones=20
   D                       A
   tachando mis canciones=20
   me tenias pisoteado=20
                    G                   =20
   estaba desahuciado=20
                   A    =20
   No es justo, no beb=E9  Oh oh e oh  %
                 Bm               A =20

               Pero este mundo ya gir=F3
               G                    A   =20
               y ahora te toc=F3 perder  Oh oh e oh
                                  Bm           A=20
CHORUS :(in parenthesis are background vocals)
        (here there=B4s a background guitar playing the Intro riff)      =20
               Bebe te llor=E9 todo un r=EDo  (oh bebe bebe)
               D    Bm                 G         A
               Bebe te llor=E9 a reventar   (oh bebe bebe)  =20
               D    Bm                G          A              =20
               Oh no no nooo, no tienes coraz=F3n  (noo)
               D        Bm                   G    A   =20
               No te vuelvo a amar=20
               Te llor=E9 todo un r=EDo
                Bm              G
               ahora llorame un mar   =20
                A               D=20

2.(Follow the same pattern)

   Ya no me busques ya es muy tarde
   ya tengo otro amor=20
   una chula sirena que nada en mi piel
   Yo te perdono no hay rencores=20
   tan solo los dolores
   Mi alma est=E1 ara=F1ada
   llor=E9 el suelo mojado=20
   No es justo no beb=E9 oh oh e oh




Then when playing this part happens the same as in chorus, a background
guitar plays the intro riff

        Verdad que un r=EDo te llor=E9, verdad que no te vuelvo a amar=20
        D                 Bm         G                 A         =20

        oh no no no, no te vuelvo a amar (uh uh uh)
        D            Bm                G=20

Repeat this 3 times but the second time instead of the second line play

        oh no no no, pierdete en tu mar
        D            Bm              G=20

and the third time instead of the second line play

        llorame llorame llorame             =20
        D          Bm         G

        Fade out

Can any of you work the Guitar solo? If you listen to MANA=B4s LIVE CD in=
song there are two GUITAR SOLOS if you can work on them, it=B4ll be o.k. =20
To play this tab along with the CD you must tune up your guitar, this tab is
in a lower key. We had to play it in a concert but Fher=B4s voice was too=
for the vocalist therefore we had to tune down the guitar.

MANA=B4s latest CD "CUANDO LOS ANGELES LLORAN" has many good songs i hope
you=B4ll work out, i=B4m working some of them but time is not enough.
Finally this song goes to anyone who has fall in the crying game of love!!
Any doubt, inquire or correction or interchange of MANA=B4S MATERIAL or ANY


                                "Our ambition for power is growing
                                 faster than our knowledge"
                                                  FHER      =20
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