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Kill A Kitten Tabs

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Lynch Stephen
Steven Lynch
Kill a Kitten

This song is rather easy once you get the chord changes down, which are kind of fast.
Also the bridge is done all on the A chord, but sometimes he will lift up and hit
it all open then hammer back on to the A chord.  Just listen to the song a few times
to figure out the timing.

Intro: Em C G D (a few times, not really sure how many)         

	            Em   C  G     D        Em   C   G  D
Verse 1:When the game of life makes you feel like quitin'
     Em  C  G   D      Em  C  G  D
It helps a lot if you kill a kitten
Em   C   G      D         Em    C  G  D 
Mark my words cause from where I'm sittin'
    Em     C  G     D      Em  C G  D
You can't go wrong if you kill a kitten

(At the end of this riff, the first time 
you play it, start strumming the C chord)

 Em                              C

|---0----------0---0----------0----0---------0---0---------0|  (2x)

Verse 2:There's no crime that you'd be commitin'
I know the law you can kill a kitten
And if you need yarn for that scarf you're knittin'
You'll get plenty when you kill a kitten.

(Play riff over this part) 
Feed it turpentine
Or break its spine
Crush it with your shoe
    G      D                 (strum each chord once)
As long as you kill a kitten.

Verse 3:If the one you love isn't quite a smitten
She'll like you better if you kill a kitten
And I quote the Bible cause that's where it's written
If ye loveth Jesus ye must kill a kitten.

Flush him down the can
Hit him with your van
Drown him in a lake
Bake a kitty cake
Throw him at a train
Make him snort cocaine
Stick some TNT up his cat booty 
Do what you must do
    G      D                 (strum each chord once) 
As long as you kill a kitten

Em C G D (2x)
Bridge:Killin' kittens isn't easy 
And if the thought makes you feel queasy
Grab a pitchfork from the shed
And kill a puppy dog instead.  (Start back on the Em C G D on "instead")
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