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Langhorne Slim - Back To The Wild Chords

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Back To The Wild Chords

(ver. 1)
Langhorne Slim
These are the chords for Langhorne Slim's fairly new song off his latest album 'Be 
Set Free'. This is the way he plays it at his live shows, and it sounds correct, 
but if you have any questions/comments/concerns/whatever look on my profile for my 
imaginable, but again, it's the lyrics that makes this song awesome. Anyways, 

Also, note that the G is played with the ring finger on the 3rd fret of the B 
string just like the Cadd9 chord at all times...

Again, as a side note, if you couldn't figure it out, when he's doing the G and 
Cadd9 together combo thing, he strums without the first or second finger and 
hammers those on for a cool effect in the strumming pattern...just listen to the 

Tuning: Standard Tuning

capo 2

Intro: G, Cadd9 (x4)

Verse 1:
G       Am  C       D            G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9
Sit all day p**sin' away my time.
        G      Am      C          D          G   Cadd9   G
Lookin' into a crystal ball and I don't know why.
           C                 D
Livin' too fast, to live too long.
      G           Am        C              D         G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9
And I don't wanna die but I don't know yet where I belong.

Verse 2:
            G           Am         C           D            G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9
I've had it better than some and I know that I shouldn't complain.
          G           Am      C             D              G   Cadd9   G
Though my grandfather told me once that all pain hurts the same.
               C                              D
Your bottle is empty, but your glass has been filled.
      G           Am         C           D        G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9
And I don't wanna break your heart but I probably will.

Verse 3:
         G          Am   C         D          G   Cadd9   G   Cadd9
Some are born to be good, some are born to be bad.
            G              Am         C      D              G   Cadd9   G
Most do the best that they could, and others wish that they had.
             C                     D
If I could return, to when I was a child,
       G          Am      C       D           G   Cadd9
I'd forget what I learned, and go back to the wild,
            G    Cadd9
back to the wild,
            G    Cadd9
back to the wild,
back to the wild.

Outro: G, Am, C, D, G, Cadd9
       G, Am, C, D, G~
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