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Kottonmouth Kings - Proud To Be A Stoner Chords

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Proud To Be A Stoner Chords

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Kottonmouth Kings
Alright...I wasn't really much of a Kottonmouth Kings fan when they first came out, but
I started listening to their songs, they really grew on me.

This song hit me like a ton of bricks...there's a lot more to this simple acoustic song
you'd expect from the title. I wanted to learn it so bad...but apparently no one's
it yet...so I did it myself. I don't have any "official" tabs, but if you play it along 
the song, you'll find it's in the right key and sounds right.

Enjoy, and hope it helps ^^.

Corrected the chords in the Verse thanks to streetsk8er39. Thanks, bro.


Tuning: Standard

Chords are: Am, G, C, F, E

The intro is the same as the chorus, but the words are spoken rather than sung, so I
bother writing the chords in their proper place for it.

[Intro] - Am G C F E
Yeah, ya know, sometimes its kind of confusing to me,
All these people sitting on their high horses,
Looking down on us for smoking a plant or growing a plant.
Well I believe in natures laws, and i just wanna be free.


Am                                G    C
To the green valleys down below
F                                   E
Where the snow melts and the rivers flow
I just want to live my life

Am                            G      C
Where the trees grow, and the air is clean
Where nature's free do to her thing
F                                    E
Everything is one if you know what I mean
I just want to live my life

Am                 G   C
I'm proud to be a stoner
I'm proud to be a stoner
F                         E
I'm proud to be a stoner, yes I am
For the rest of my days


Am                                   G
I started smokin weed at the age of 18
Am                                        G
I moved out my house started writing rap beats
Am                                       G
I moved to hollywood, we was up in the scene
It was Dloc, johnny rich, and my home boy steve
Am                               G
We was, teenagers, yeah living a dream
Am                                         G
Lookin up to daddy x, tryin to do this rap thing
Am                                   G
Wrote the first couple songs it was "Bump bump"
We was "So high" gettin blown off the skunk.
Am                      G
15's in the trunk down Melrose,
Am                                        G
b**ches in the club, gettin drunk spittin flows.
Am                                    G
Tryin to get a record deal, we gettin signed.
I was broke with no money, and that was back in 95.
Am                                                   G
I'm proud to smoke weed, and I'm proud of what we've done.
Am                                            G
I'm proud of the kings, and I'm proud of everyone.
Am                                G
I'm proud my name is DLoc, no joke son,
And I'll be proud when I'm a dad, when I have a daughter or a son.

And that's about it. You should be able to figure out the rest of the timing by simply
to the song.

If you find something wrong with it, feel free to let me know. I've never posted any
on here before, so it's possible that I've made a mistake. Besides...I'm not perfect, and
willing to admit that I simply may have gotten something wrong.
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