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Justin Townes Earle - Lone Pine Hill Chords

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Lone Pine Hill Chords

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Justin Townes Earle
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|: Am     C     G     Am     Em    G    Am :|

Am        C             G          Am
I swear I see her in my dreams sometimes 
     Em        G             Am
held up in the middle of the night 
Am             C           G           Am
shaking like a pistol in a young man's hand 
Em           G        Am
there in the pale moonlight 
Am             C           G      Am
standing up on top of that lonely hill 
Em            G       Am
spared by the company mine 
      Am        C             G          Am
is my blue-eyed baby with her best dress on 
       Em          G      Am
in the shadow of a lonely pine 

       Am              C            G       Am
Ah but back before the war when the company came 
      Em         G        Am
these hills grew wild and free 
       Am        C           G       Am
Me and baby we'd hide in the hollows low 
Em            G           Am
away from the cruel sun's heat 
              Am               C          G              Am
but then they knocked down the timber and burned off the brush 
   Em         G        Am
to get to the riches below 
              Am              C        G          Am
And when they pulled out they left the cold black ground 
    Em       G        Am      
And one pine standing alone 
           Dm          Em       
So take me home
Lone Pine Hill 

    Am       C          G     Am
Now I signed up back in sixty-one 
       Em         G     Am
I'm an Army of Virginia man 
            Am            C              G      Am
I been from Manassas to Moconacy all the way to Sayler's Creek 
Em           G      Am
fightin' for my homeland 
       Am         C        G        Am
Ah but four years gone and all hope lost 
    Em       G     Am
and Richmond under siege 
      Am          C          G              Am
We're digging out Five Forks waiting in the rain 
    Em          G               Am
For Sheridan to bring us to our knees 
           Dm          Em       
So take me home
Lone Pine Hill 

C              G                        Am
     There's a strange moon hanging overhead tonight 
C               G                          Am
     and if the rain keeps comin' then the creeks gonna rise 
Dm             G                 C     C/B     Am
  but with the Good Lord's Grace, I'll make it out of this place 
Dm                                  Em               Am 
  and I'll be in your arms come the morning light, I swear 

   Am           C          G        Am
So God grant me speed, and grant me forgiveness 
    Em       G               Am
and carry me all through the night 
Am                   C         G         Am
take me through your hills and over your rivers 
 Em            G     Am
away from this awful fight 
         Am            C          G          Am
'Cause I never known a man that's ever owned another 
            Em          G             Am
and I ain't never owned nothing of my own 
         Am        C       G          Am
So after four long years I just can't tell you 
         Em             G        Am
what the hell I've been fightin' for 
           Dm          Em       
So take me home
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