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Joni Mitchell - Just Like This Train Chords

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Just Like This Train Chords

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Joni Mitchell
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                Just Like This Train- Joni Mitchell

A: 000655
Am: 002210
B: 000877
Bb: 000766
C: 000988
C#: 000-10-99
D: 000-11-10-10
D/C: 03X232
D9: 004210
F7: 003210
F/G: 3X3211
G: 3X0003
Gm7: 353333
Gm9: 353335
G7sus4: 3X0011
G13: 3X3000

A – Bb – B – C – C# - D – C
A – Bb – B – C

    C                                D/C
I’m al-ways running behind the time
              G7sus4       C
Just like this      train
   Shaking into town
Am                         C       G
   With the brakes com-plai-ning

D/C                                      C
    I used to count lovers like railroad  cars
I counted them on my side
F7                       Am7
Late-ly I don’t count on noth-ing
I just let things slide

            G                       F/G
The station mas-ter’s shuffling cards
Box cars are bang-ing in the yards

Jealous lovin’ll make you crazy
If you can’t find your goodness
F7                        D9   Gm9   C
  ‘Cause you lost your heart

A – Bb – B – C – C# - D – C
A – Bb – B - C

I went look-ing for a cause
Or a strong cat without claws
  D/C                G7sus4
Or   any reason to re-    -sume
    C F7
And I   found this empty seat
Am                       C
  In this crowded waiting room
Ev-erybody waiting

D/C                         C
    Old man sleeping on his  bags
Women with that teased-up kind of hair
F7                       Am
Kids with the jitters in their legs
And those wide, wide open stares
                 G                      F/G
And the kids got Cokes and chocolate bars
There’s a thin man smo-king a fat cigar

Jealous lovin’ll make you crazy
If you can’t find your goodness
F7                        D9
  ‘Cause you lost your heart

    What are you gonna do now?
You’ve got no one to give your love to

A – Bb – B – C – C# - D – C
A – Bb – B – C
Well, I’ve got this berth
And this roll-down blind
D/C                      G7sus4
   I’ve got this fold-up sink
    C     F7                    Am
And these rocks and cactuses go-ing by
      C                               G
And a bottle of German wine to drink

D/C                               C
    Settle down into the clickety-clack
With the clouds and the stars to read
F7                            Am
Dream-ing of the pleasure I’m gon-na have
Watching your hair-line recede
My vain darling

              G                       G13
Watching your hair and clouds and stars
                G                G13
I’m rocking away in a sleeping car
                G                           G13
This jealous lov-ing’s bound to make me cra-zy
                F7                      D9
I can’t find my good-ness, I lost my heart
             Gm7                      C
Oh, sour grapes, because I lost my heart

A – Bb – B – C – C# - D – C
A – Bb – B – C – C# - D – C
A – Bb – B – C – C#
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