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You Came Along Tabs

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Joel Plaskett


I tabbed this for a single acoustic guitar but of course on the album
there's a few instruments so it won't sound exactly like the album...especially
on the chorus where there's a few instruments reinforcing the chord changes.

When on the F in the verse he does a quick F->Fsus2->F->Fsus2 leading back into
the C.  Listen closely to the album and you'll see what I mean.

The dirty guitar part in the middle of the song I think follow the progression
I used but it sounds like he's only strumming a couple strings.  If you're
playing on an acoustic you'll want to strum the whole thing for a fuller sound.

In the chorus use the B* and G as "passing chords" to get from the C-Am or Am-C.
So only strum them for a beat or so.
I can't quite decide on using the Am-B*-C or the Am-G-C to get back to the C....
Use whichever sounds best to you.

The intro isn't exactly as it's played on the album -- it's an approximation.
I couldn't quite get it and don't care enough to get it exactly.


Am:   x02210
Am/G: 302210
D/F#: 200232
Em:   022000
C:    x32010
F:    x03211
Bm*:  x20010 (I forget exactly what this B chord is called)

  Am	  Am/G	    D/F#  Em  C

  Am         Bm	      D	      Em  C

Intro:  (1) + (2)

Then (1) is played under these lyrics:

True love is sharper than stones and sticks.

Louder than bombs and clocks that tick

I feel as deep as the ocean blue
                               C    G (verse starts)
when I'm standing here with you
          Em                  F Fsus2 F Fsus2
and the world keeps spinning faster
C	      G
what am I to do
        Em            F Fsus2 F Fsus2
in the face of our disaster
C	       G
i've been here before
	 Em		     F
but I don't know what comes after
the night's a lonely place to be
when the lights go out -- I want you here with me

C Bm* Am G (repeat)

C		 B*    Am
When I could not trust myself
		  G	  C
I put my trust in someone else
but she led me astray
and then she went away
all my lessons learned -- after all my bridges burned
everything felt wrong -- until you came along
until you came along ... until you came along ....

(dirty guitar kicks in with this progression (or something like it)
(pluck the bass note of the chord twice then strum a few higher notes
for each chord)

Am	  Am/G	    D/F#
  Em	     Am .....
A------------0-0-| .....

It's quicker than sand, thicker than blood
like a slight of the hand -- a stick in the mud
it's as deep as the ocean blue.
(back to clean (on the album there's 2 guitars here) C
what am I supposed to do
G	    Em              F
now...that all your fire's gone
C G Em F continues here
How do you...want me to play along.
I know it's true....yea somewhere we went wrong
but tonight's a lonely place to be..
when the lights go out...I want some company

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