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Rabbit Fur Coat Tabs

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Jenny Lewis

Tuning: Standard

Chords: C, Am, D G


    C       Am      C      Am      C       G       C  


    C         Am       C       Am         C            Am          D  
    i   was   of  poor  folk,      but my mother had a rabbit fur coat

    G         G             G           C         C         C           

        and a girl of less character pushed her down the LA river

    C            G         C       Am          C      Am

"hand  o ver that rabbit fur coat"...

[[repeat the same thing for the rest of the verses]]


C     Am      C    Am
I was of poor folk,
       C            Am         D    G
but my mother had a rabbit fur coat.
      G            G                    C           C
And a girl of less character pushed her down the LA river.
      C         G          C    Am C Am
"Hand over that rabbit fur coat"

         C      Am    C      Am
She put a knife to her throat
      C         Am         D     G
'Hand over that rabbit fur coat'
       G     G                      C           C
When my ma refused, the girl kicked dirt on her blouse.
      C            G        C     Am C Am
"Stay away from my mansion house."

   C             Am           C    Am
My mother really suffered for that.
          C         Am          D    G
Spent her life in a gold plated body cast.
G        G            C             C
Now, you ask, did she get that girl back?
    C                     G       C    Am C Am
She payed a visit to that mansion house.

             C    Am      C     Am
She knew the girl was not there,
        C             Am             D                  G
but her father was in cufflinks with slicked-back black hair
    G         G              C      G
He invited her in. They never sang a note,
        C             G          C    Am C Am
but she took off that rabbit fur coat.

    C          Am         C    Am
And who do you think came home?
C    Am     D   G
Miss So and So
             G          G        C            C
She took one look at my mama and what did she say?
             C                G       C
"Why are you stealing from my mansion house?"

            C             Am     C  Am  
"No, I'm in love with Mr. So and So
   C          Am        D       G
He invited me in. I'm a girl no more."
G        G             C          C
Then she dragged my ma out by her throat.
      C         G          C     Am C Am
"Hand over that rabbit fur coat."

C                Am            C         Am
Let's move ahead twenty years, shall we?
        C              Am               D             G   
She was waitressing on welfare. We were living in the Valley.
       G          G                  C            C       
A lady says to my ma "you treat your girl as your spouse.
        C         G       C
You can live in a mansion house."

C   Am   C    Am
And so we did, 
    C          Am               D      G
and I became a hundred-thousand-dollar kid.
           G             G                  C (strum once           (pause)
When I was old enough to realize; wiped the dust from my mother's eyes...
         C             G          C     Am C  Am
It's all this for that rabbit fur coat.

    C       Am      C        Am
But I'm not bitter about it
     C            Am             D         G
I've packed up my things and let them have at it,
        G       G             C          C
and the fortune faded, as fortunes often do,
    C           G       C      Am C Am
and so did that mansion house.

       C       Am           C    Am
Where my ma is now, I don't know.
        C             Am         D             G
She was living in her car. I was living on the road,
     G           G            C            C
and I hear she's putting that stuff up her nose,
          C            G          C    Am  C Am
and still wearing that rabbit fur coat.

    C            Am  C     Am
But mostly I'm a hypocrite
       C               Am   D    G
I sing songs about the defecit,
           G                  G      
but when I sell out and leave Omaha,
C           C (strum, pause)
what will I get?
          C           G          C      C
a mansion house and a rabbit fur coat.


:D The End. this song is amazing.

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