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Jamie Grace - With You Ukulele

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With You Ukulele

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Jamie Grace
Capo 4

Intro: G D C (2x)

My left brain is racin' free
    D                         Em
And ADD's been chasin' me all day

Wait what did you just say?
D     G
See I misplaced my master plan
D                        Em
Courtesy of my attention span,

But i'ma be okay.

D             C
Just need a little you and me time
Hit the rewind, it all comes into view

               G D C
When i'm with yooooouuu (2x)
It's like anything, everything
that's been weighin' on me
 C                   D
falls by the wayside
               G D C
When i'm with yooooouuu
   D               G
I love bein' with you!

I smile when you say my name
      D                              Em
Cause no one ever says it quite the same
                               D             G
I listen for it everyday (You know, you know)

On cue it's you perfect timing
 D                                 Em
Dustin' off that silver lining for me

so i can finally see.

  D                C                                           
Yeah, It's like a cold breexe blowin' through my hot pink hair
On a Sunday afternoon


G                D        Em
I can't imagine life without you
                  D     A
could not make it on my own
                          C                D                  G
I could write a thousand lines why bein' with you feels like home
                    D    Em
so when you offered me salvation,
              D       A
How could i ever say "no"?
                          C                                   D
I'll never find a greater beauty then the beauty that you're bringin'
                G D C
Bringin' to my soooouuuul
  G   D  C
My soooouuuull 

              G D C
When i'm with yooooou (2x)
             Em (stop)         D (stop)               C (stop)        D
It's like anything anything, everything everything's fallin' by the wayside
             Em (stop)         D (stop)
It's like anything, everything falls by the wayside
  C        D
(wayside, wayside)
              G D C
When i'm with yooooou (2x)
I love bein' with you!

This is a REALLY fun song and i really hope you enjoy it!!
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