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Ivan And Alyosha - Running For Cover Chords

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Running For Cover Chords

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Ivan And Alyosha
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Capo - 1st Fret
Strumming pattern ^ v ^ v ^ v ^

Second Guitar Patern and Intro [C]:
e|------0---     ---0---     -------    ---0---    ---3---
B|----1---1-     -1---1-     -1-3-3-    -1---1-    -1---1-
G|-----0-0--     --0-0--     --0-0--    --0-0--    --0-0--
D|----------x1   -------x2   -------x1  -------x2  -------x2
A|---3------     3------     3------    3------    3------
E|--3-------     -------     -------    -------    -------

Verse 1:
If I could wake my crooked heart
If I was there right from the start
    F                                 C
To feel what it was like to be turned on
If you could fight the battling wind
To miss the mark correct within
F                                         C
If your wish came true, your dreams made real.

Am           C     
Running for cover
Am           C
Running to hide

Verse 2:
If I could be the walls of man
To rest my head and trust the plan
       F                             C
And fighting like a child to get my way
If I could see the garden place
Before the fall, would things have changed?
F                    /Gmaj
I wasn't there, and neither were you
       F                 /Gmaj              C
But I take the blame, as you should too, my friend.

          Am   G        C
Now we're running for cover
Am  G       C
Running to hide
            Am    G       C
Yeah, we're running for cover
Am   G      C
Running to hide

Fm                                                           C
We've been trying with each other to unravel the age old story
Fm                                                             C
But I'm starting to think that there's a reason we don't understand
Fm                                          Gmaj          Am
And it's easy to blame someone else for my wants and my worries
Fm                                                  C
But I know, I accept that it's just a part of who I am

             Am    G    C
Now we're running for cover
Am    G     C
Running to hide
Am                G        C
And you say it's not my problem
        Am     G      C
Out of sight, out of mind

                Am      C
Yes, we're running for cover
            Am   G      C
Yeah, we're running afraid
      Am        G    Am
As we run with one another
       Am    G          Am
Of the mess that we've made

Note: Gmaj=[355433]
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