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Indigo Girls - Southland In The Springtime Chords

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Southland In The Springtime Chords

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Indigo Girls
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[Actually in A, so capo at the 2nd fret.]
[Each chord is one measure, except chords joined by hyphens are one
 measure _total_.]

G   F/G   C(9)   D      G   F/G   C(9)   D

G                 F/G          C(9)    D
Maybe we'll make Texas by the morning
           G               F/G               C(9)    D
Light the bayou with our taillights in the night
       Em                 C               G  -  Gsus    G
Eight hundred miles to El Paso from the state line
       F(9)           C               Am7   D7
And we never have the money for the flight

            G           F/G            C(9)  D
I'm in the back seat sleepy from the travel
             G                   F/G              C(9)   D
Played our hearts out all night long in New Orleans
     Em              C            G   -   Gs      C/G 
I'm dirty from the diesel fuel, drinking coffee black
         G                Am7             D7sus   D7
When the first breath of Texas comes in clean

            G                   G                   C       C
And there's something about the southland in the springtime
          G                 B7             Em    C
Where the waters flow with confidence and reason
         G                  Gsus/A        G/B          Gsus/C
Though I miss her when I'm gone, it won't ever be too long
         Am7             G/B              C     D
Till I'm home again to spend my favorite season
          Am7            G/B            C     D
When god made me born a yankee he was teasing
             Em7                G/B          C             D
There's no place like home and none more pleasing than the southland
             G    C/G    C    F/C - C    D    C    G - Gsus   G
in the springtime

In Georgia, nights are softer than a whisper
Beneath a quilt somebody's mother made by hand
With the farmland like a tapestry passed down through generations
And the peach trees stitched across the land
There'll be cider up near Helen off the roadside
And warm peanuts in a bag to warm your fingers
And the smoke from the chimneys meets its maker in the sky
With a song that winter wrote whose melody lingers

[Repeat chorus, end on last G.]


  G                F(9)/G           C                D
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|------0=2---2-3-|
B ----------0-----|--1-------1-----|--1-------1-----|--3-------3-----|
G ------0-------0-|------0-------0-|----------------|----2-----------|
D ----0-------0---|----3-------3---|----0=2-----0=2-|0---------------|
A ----------------|----------------|3-------3-------|----------------|
E 3---+---3---+---|3---+---3---+---|+---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|

  G                F(9)/G           C                D
E ----------------|----------------|----------------|------0=2-------|
B ----------0-----|--1-------1-----|--1-------1-----|--3-------------|
G ------0-------0-|------0-------0-|----------------|----2-----------|
D ----0-------0---|----3-------3---|----0=2-----0=2-|0---------------|
A ----------------|----------------|3-------3-------|----------------|
E 3---+---3---+---|3---+---3---+---|+---+---+---+---|+---+---+---+---|
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