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Hollies - He Aint Heavy Ukulele

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He Aint Heavy Ukulele

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                   "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"
                     (Bobby Scott - Bobby Russell)


	(harmonica w/piano and bass)

	G       D/F#     C/E     D7sus4 [N.C.]
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  /

Verse 1:

	             G   D/F#              C/E         Am7
	The road is long      with many a winding turn
	      D   D#dim  Em          F               Am7  Am7/D D7
	That leads us to who knows where, who knows where
	          G    D/F#                   Em   Eb
	But I'm strong      strong enough to carry him
	G                Am7 D7sus4          G
	  He ain't heavy            he's my brother

	[1:  Am7 D7sus4]
	       (So on...)

	[2:  Am7 G7/B ; to bridge]

	[3: to harmonica solo]

Verse 2:

	So on we go  his welfare is of my concern
	No burden is he to bear, we'll get there
	For I know he would not encumber me
	He ain't heavy, he's my brother


	        C       D7/C
	If I'm laden at all
	     C         D7/C
	I'm laden with sadness
	      Bm         Dm
	that everyone's heart
	      Cmaj7  B7           Em G7/D
	Isn't filled    with the gladness
	    C   /B A7          Am7     D7 [N.C.]
	Of love       for one another

Verse 3:

	It's a long, long road  from which there is no return
	While we're on the way to there, why not share
	         G   Bm  /F# /D   /F#  /D  Em     Eb
	And the load     Doesn't weigh me down at all
	He ain't heavy, he's my brother

[harmonica solo over first two lines of verse]


	 G              D/F#  Em  D7sus4
	He's my brother
	           G   D/F#       Cmaj7/E   D
	He ain't heavy      he's my brother
	           G   D/F#       Cmaj7/E   D
	He ain't heavy      he's my brother [fade]

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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