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Gretchen Peters - Five Minutes Chords

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Five Minutes Chords

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Gretchen Peters
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                13th Oct 2012

CAPO: 7th fret (Sounds in key of G)

   C  C/B Am Am/G  Fmaj7
|  /  /   /   /  |  /  /   /  / |(Riff twice)

           C       C/B     Am                       Am/G 
I've got five--- minutes...    to sneak a cigarette,
F                         G
    Five minutes to my - self,
C                    C/B           Am                  Am/G 
    Back behind the screen door of Andy's Luncheonette,
       F                  G              C     (Csus4) (C)
And I ain't got time to worry 'bout my health!

C            C/B           Am                     Am/G  
    My boss, Andy, says I smoke myself to death,    
F                                G
    Andy, he reminds me some of you,
C                       C/B       Am           Am/G 
    Back when you were Romeo, and I was Juliet,
       F           G               C     (Csus4)(C)
West Texas Capu - let and Monta - gue!

C/B  Am                        Am/G      F
         Now I don't think too much a - bout you anymore,    
C                   C/E        G
    We weren't much more than kids, 
        Am                    Am/G   F
It was nearly twenty years a - go I shut and locked that door,
              C    C/B    Am     Am/G
Now I've got five------ minutes,
F             G              C  C/B  Am  Am/G    Fmaj7
    Not much time to remi - nice!
                           |  /   /   /   /    |  /  /  /  / | (Riff twice)

 C                 C/B                    Am                   Am/G
Most nights I come home from work, and I pour a glass of wine,
         F                                  G
Some - times it's three, or four, before I stop,
C                        C/B             Am                    Am/G
    And Jessie makes a sandwich... if I sleep through supper - time,
          F                G                C      (Csus4) (C)
And she leaves me on the couch to sleep it off!

C                              C/B                Am            Am/G
    Now, Jessie just turned seventeen, and she's wild as she can be,
F                                 G
    And there ain't nothing I can do,
        C            C/B           Am              Am/G
Last weekend she ran off to meet a boy in Tennes - see,
F                G              C     (Csus4)(C)
    Just like I used to run to you!

C/B  Am                        Am/G       F
         I gave her hell, when she came home this afternoon,
C                   C/E       G
    Mascara running down her face,
             Am                 Am/G      F
Seems like history repeats it - self, and it ain't up to you,
        C   C/B   Am   Am/G
And in five---- minutes...     
F                 G         C  C/B  Am  Am/G    Fmaj7
   ...your whole life can change!
                         |  /   /   /   /    |  /  /  /  / | (Riff twice)

C                   C/B                   Am                 Am/G
    Now, Andy, he's good to me, and I can see it in his eyes,
F                            G
    He'd love to take your place,
C                           C/B          Am                 Am/G
    But something deep in - side me just...  withers up and dies,
         F                G             C      (Csus4)(C)
To make love to him, and only see your face!

C/B   Am                        Am/G      F
          Somehow I've let my - self go gently down the stream,
C                C/E          G
    A fine ex - ample I have set,
              Am             Am/G             F
Between the working and the living, and the ghosts that haunt my dreams,
           C   C/B    Am    Am/G
I've got five------ minutes,
F                   G                C  C/B   Am Am/G    Fmaj7
    And I'm gonna smoke this cigar - tte!
                                   |  /   /   /   /    |  /  /  /  / | (Riff twice)

(End on) 


C     =  x32010
C/B   =  x2x010
Am    =  x02210
Am/G  =  3x2210
Fmaj7 =  103210
F     =  103211
G     =  320003
Csus4 =  x33010
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        Five Minutes lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Five Minutes lessons
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