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Gogol Bordello - Gypsy Auto Pilot Chords

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Gypsy Auto Pilot Chords

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Gogol Bordello
       Bm                        G      
I came back to my hometown incognito 
      Em           A
To forget about it all 
      Bm                        G
Suddenly, I heard "hey there papito-pito-pito 
          Em           A
You don't ever give a call' 

Bm - G - Em - A
Wapa papa... (X 4) 

         Bm                        G
remember we used to skip school together 
             Em               A     
said to me drunk girl police man 
      Bm                         G
Now, where have you been all my life 
            Bm                    A
I've been skipping school since then, yeah 

D                   G
I've been watching trains 
Em              A
swiftly rolling by 
D                 G
I've been jumping them 
Em                A
without long goodbyes 
D                    G
to uncover rules of life 
     Em                A
and how to break them well 
         Bm        G   
and the key to my gypsy auto pilot 
    Em           A
and my story to tell, hey! 

Wapa, papa... (X 4) 

       Bm                      G  
so we ran to outskirts of our town 
       Em                 A
to the working man dance hall 
          Bm               G
where all night we played piano-iano-iano 
         Em              A
off the chairs about to fall 
         Bm                       G
then we climbed the ladder to the attic 
             Bm                  A
where once i showed her my first song 
          Bm                            G
above the street where all them crazy dreamers 
              Em                  A
still talking nonsense all night long 

Em     Bm
Wo-o-o Wo-o-o 
Em                 Bm  A|-2-4-5-4-2-|
nonsense all night long 
Em     Bm
Wo-o-o Wo-o-o 
       A                   F#
still writing their first song 


Bm - G - Em - A

       C#5           A5
and we laugh, and we cry 
         F#5           B5
and we recited sacred text 
       C#5          A5
and we rose and we fell 
            F#5              B5
and then we said, ok what's next? 

    D                         G
but, if you keep on watching trains 
 Em              A
swiftly, rolling by 
D                   G
one day you will be gone 
Em                A
without long goodbyes 
D                   A
to uncover rules oflife
    Em                 A 
and how to break them well 
        D                        G
and the key to your gonzo turbo gypsy auto pilot 
     Em            G
and your story to tell 
story to tell
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