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Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day Chords

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Red Letter Day Chords

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Get Up Kids
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                The Get Up Kids
Red Letter Day/Woodson
2000 Vagrant Records

Key: E

Tuning; Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -   022100
Es4 - 022200
C#m - x46654
D -   xx0232
B -   x24442
A -   x02220
G#m - 466444
F#m - 244222
Am -  x02210

Intro: E--Es4--E (x4)

Verse 1:
E                 A             D 
  You’ve got some nerve I never knew
              A                              C#m
What with the world we gave away in front of you
E          D                A
  I see it all Much clearer now
You’re just a phase I’ve gotten over anyhow

Refrain 1:
C#m    B   E                G#m     C#m--B
  It’s over, I’m not giving in again

A            B
  We’re loyal like brothers
C#m              E
  Just us versus all the others
A                B                C#m--B
  You the one for You the one for me?
A          B
  I trusted misleading
C#m        E
  Promises worth repeating
A               B          A  F#m
  How could you do this to me?

Verse 2:
E            A          D
  Red letter day that I learned
A                                C#m
  I’m sure you’ll get what you deserve
E          D
  I see it all Much clearer since…
A              Am
  Far past the point of this.

Refrain 2:
C#m    B
  It’s over

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

A               B
  How could you do this
A               B          A  B
  How could you do this to me?

… And if it’s a lie
I don’t want to be the one who signed
I’m not the one who falls down
     B       A
It’s over now
If you want to try…
Try to forget it
        C#m   B
I’ll say it’s over
C#m   F#m---B
  I’m gone

(Repeat Chorus last line)

A               B
  How could you do this
A               B          E(hold)
  How could you do this to me?
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