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Genesis - Vancouver Chords

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Vancouver Chords

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Tuning: Standard

Vancouver (1979)

B-side of "Many too Many" (7”)
Now on: “Genesis Archives #2”


G/D       x-5-x-0-0-3
D/F#      2-x-0-2-3-x
C/E       0-3-2-0-1-0
D6        x-5-4-4-3-x  or
C6        x-3-2-2-1-0
G/B       x-2-0-0-3-3
Gm/Bb     x-1-0-0-3-3


F                Bb
  She packed her bags and dressed
F                  G
Long before the sunrise
No one knew
F                Bb
  She told them many times
 F                        G
About how she would teach them
             | Bb | F | C# | F |
And now it's time
F                F#
Standing quietly by the door
B             F#
  Her face is numb with fear
B               F#
  She stops and then goes on
 G                    G
"Leave forever - it's now or never"

F                 Bb
  Quickly walking down the street
     F                     G
It's cold and grey, dawn's breaking
          Bb              [F]
She don't mind (she don't mind)
F                  Bb
  Why she feels so grown up now
    F                 G
Her life is just beginning
           Bb            | F | C# | F |
She don't know (she don't know)
      F               F#
She's standing in the pouring rain
B               F#
  Her make-up's running down
B             F#
  She wonders now she's here
 G                G
"Where will I go? Who do I know?"

G/D                        D/F#
        Now, now she's not quite so sure
         C/E       D6                      C6            G/B
I may be wrong but home seems so much more friendly now
G/D                                     D/F#
   And they might worry but she doesn't want them to
            C/E   D6                           C6       | G/B | Gm/Bb | % |
Cos causing pain, that's not the thing she set out to do

F                  Bb
  So she's back in bed before
F          G
Anyone can miss her
          Bb              [F]
She feels good (she feels good)
F             Bb
  Knowing the chance was there
  F                  G
Deciding not to take it
           Bb                | F | C# | F |
That's her choice (that's her choice)
      F                F#
She's still awake, her mum comes in
 B                 F#
"Me and dad, we've had a chat
          B             F#
And we're sorry for the things we said
G                       G
Please forgive us - you wouldn't leave us?"
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