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Gamma Ray - Farewell Chords

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Farewell Chords

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Gamma Ray
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                GAMMA RAY - Farewell

Personal note: Hello, Bibiana, you are the love of my life and this one is for you
hope we will never have to say farewell!!!

  Do you remember,
G                          F    Am     G
  How we used to play like kids in the sun
C                     G
Nowadays, there is no light to see
          F  Am   G    
And we're feeling cold
(F  G)  C 
 So the time has come
           Bb               Am
To say farewell my friends
           Gm      F  
My fate is calling loud
(F   G)Am                Em 
 Now I know - it can get tough
And I don't know where I'll be tomorrow
(F  G)  Am        
 Do you - do you wanna know it
 I don't care about it
F                                        Em  
 Somebody said that we could never, ever die
Oh what a lie

F, G, Em, F
F, G, Am, G, F

F                G        
You will see the light again
      Em              F
We'll all be free someday:
  G            Am C      E  
I know - cause united we stand

Am          C            G           F   
 Goodbye my friends, I'm leavin' you today
Am           C           G             Dm       F   
 My quest is hard, but I must be on my way
Now, don't ask why
Am           C            G        F
 Goodbye, my Friends

Am, C, G, Dm, F, E

Don't you try to stop me,
      Bb                 Am  
All I know is: I have to go!
               Dm                  C 
There'll be no sense in my life at all,
(F  G)Am
 If I stay
You will never see it - you will never find it
F  (F  G)Am
Oh yes I will!
    C                G          E 
Someone will take my place if I die!

D, C, D, Bb (2x)

[An old man said:]
     G                  D              G   
Some years ago; they've tried it all before
     D             Am
Some men of honour left
                  F       C                
And searched that Land
Bb   Am  F     D              G    
They did not return. Now it's up to you
   D             G        Am  
To play a better game - remember
When you're out there
C           Bb    Am   D    C  G
Don´t you - Don't look back at all!

Am          C            G           F    
 Goodbye my Friends, I'm leavin' you today
Am            C       G                Dm  F        E
 The Quest is hard, I hope I'll find a way home one day
Am            C            G           F  
 Goodbye dear Friends, I'm leavin' you today
Am            C       G                Dm  F        E  
 The Quest is hard, I know I'll find a way home one day
F                G
You will see the light of day
We'll all be free again
F                  G      C
All that's left to say is FAREWELL
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