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Erik Petersen - Every Town Will Celebrate Chords

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Every Town Will Celebrate Chords

(Version #1)
Erik Petersen
Every Town Will Celebrate – Erik Petersen

(Note:  I think the chords will be all messed up, but if you copy and paste this page 
Microsoft word and set the font for Times New Roman and size 12, it will all line up!)

Intro: |C |F Am | G |F C|x2

[no chords]
Well, big bad man come into town
Giving sweets to the children, pushed their daddies around
Made the streets so bright in the zones of blight
No more fear in the hearts of whites
C                      F            Am            G  
                             F                C
He built a hall, put on a show, from high above, watched his boulders roll
C                                                       F           Am
Then he bought Main Street and the old town hall
G                                                          F
He named his price: his face on every wall.
Am G      F           Am   G
Ohhh, his face on every wall...
C                                   F      Am
Now the factories have all shut down
G                                  F      C
No more cloth stitched in this town
C                            F        Am         G   
                  F    C
So the only job for boy and I, in the prison making tile shine
C                                  F             Am           
      G                F           C
Someday that man will come here too, with that magic hat, spit and glue
C                              F             Am
He’ll wash the stone, paint the brick,
G                                                                  F   
   Am G
Rename the streets and make the clocks all tick... On time
F                    Am    G
He'll make us run on time
C                               F         G        C
And every town will celebrate someday
F                                           Am          G
Waving sweatshop flags and grande lattes
Dm                                 F                     G    
Wearing culture on their backs, wearing spirit on their hats
C                            F         G                 
One by one they’ll join the parade and celebrate
C                        F    C              G
Every town will celebrate someday


       C                         F        Am
Now corners near and corners far
      G                             F        C
Are somehow the same coffee bar
             C              F    Am
And community is felt again
G                             F        C
Thanks to folks I’ve never met
       C                           F            Am
They slayed the artists, sold their arts,
G                          F            C
Gave the toddlers shopping carts
C                          F           Am
Raised the prices, raised the rent
G                                                            F
Some days I wish that I could go back again
Am G     F         Am         G
Noooo, I can’t go back again


Just like they do in Florida
Down in Celebration, Florida
                Ab                  Cm                     G
And when every road is Main Street, U.S.A.
We’ll be safely kept at bay
   Ab         Cm        G           Cm
Of truth, adventure, love and rage
Ab           Cm       G         Cm
Truth, adventure, love and rage
Ab         Cm         G
Truth, adventure, love and rage HEY!

C       F               G              C         
Every Town will celebrate, Every Town will celebrate
C       F                G                     C
Every Town will celebrate someday!
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