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Elvis Costello - This Years Girl Chords

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This Years Girl Chords

(ver. 1)
Elvis Costello
fantastic song. had to hunt for this tab and found it on an elvis costello 
allowing me to play this masterpiece.

ive changed/added to/subtracted from it quite a bit to suit how i play it so feel 
free to compare with the original tab: 

Bmsus4 (i like to play this at the 7th fret)
E A D G B e
x 2 4 4 5 2

D C D C 

G|-6/7\6------|    |-4/5\5-------|
D|-x-x-x-7-2--|    |-x-x-x-5-4-2-|
A|-4/5\4-x-x--|    |-2/3\2-x-x-x-|
E|-------5-0--| x5 |-------3-2-0-|

(riff 2)
D                        Bm                           A
  See her picture in a thousand places 'cause she's this year's girl.
D                        Bm               F#m (riff 1)
  You think you all own little pieces of this year's girl.
G              A            G            A
  Forget your fancy manners, forget your English grammar,
G                          A                Dsus4           D   Dsus2 D
  'cause you don't really give a damn about this year's girl.

Repeat intro, then the same chords as verse 1.

Still you're hoping that she's well spoken 'cause she's this year's girl.
You want her broken with her mouth wide open 'cause she's this year's girl.
Never knowing (if?) it's a real attraction, all these promises of satisfaction,
while she's being bored to distraction being this year's girl.

 Bm                            G              D
Time's running out. She's not happy with the cost.
  E7                       intro riff                          E
There'd be no doubt, only she's forgotten much more than she's lost.

(riff 2)
D                       Bm                    A
  A bright spark might corner the market in this year's girl.
D                          Bm                  F#m (riff 1)
  You see yourself rolling on the carpet with this year's girl.
G              A           G              A
  Those disco synthezisers, those daily tranquilizers,
G             A              G              A
  those body building prizes, those bedroom alibis;
G                A               Dsus4        D     Bmsus4  Bm
  all this, but no surprises for this year's girl.
G                A                F#m              Bmsus4  Bm
  All this, but no surprises for this year's girl.
G                A               Dsus4        D
  All this, but no surprises for this year's girl.

play intro riff then i do something like this:

E|----------0~-0--0-| play a few times then end on the big E chord

riff 1 (between F#m and G)

riff 2 (play before the D at the start of each verse after intro riff)

this also came in handy when learning the song, and its worth a watch or 3:
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