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Elvis Costello - Rocking Horse Road Chords

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Rocking Horse Road Chords

(ver. 1)
Elvis Costello
Intro: G C D C (same pattern through the first part of the verses)

     G              C              D          C             G C D C
The chains from the bridle and the reins fell from my hands 
     G           C            D         C           G C D C
The engines are idle and the ship sails on dry land
Em             Bm          Am              Bm       C
I stood there stupefied, I thought I recog-nized 
C                          D
Walking down Rocking Horse Road, getting lost


G             C           D            C                    G C D C
Shot through Vaseline, he picks up the paper from the lawn 
    G            C         D   C                   G C D C
And tucks the Suburban Assassin underneath his arm
Em                    Bm           Am              Bm      C 
He smiles weakly and turns away. I know I'll never come to harm 
C                          D(? I don't think this is right, but the bass makes it hard to figure)
Walking down Rocking Horse Road, it's so peaceful

F#m           Bm 
It's like a photograph 
F#m                        Bm 
From the other side of the world 
Am Bm                C 
 I said "I want you only" 
Am  Bm      C
And then I left you alone 
Am        Bm            C        D (tacit)
Crying on Rocking Horse Road, or somewhere quite like it

[Louder] G C D C

[Back to standard verse level] G C D C (x2)

    G        C                  D         C                         G C D C
The cemetery gardens, there are names not numbers on the gateposts 
        G           C        D          C                    G C D C
And the eyes in the curtain follow you like a smirking ghost
Em       Bm                         Am            Bm       C 
I know I must not look back, 'cause part of me is waiting still

There on Rocking Horse Road for you 
In a little dream house made for two 
     C            D       G           C 
Well you were the one who made your escape 
C                D             G      C 
In your stocking feet and your sticky tape 

[Outro and fade, repeating with variation:]
C           D    G C 
All the way down...
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