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Edwin Mccain - Shooting Stars Chords

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Shooting Stars Chords

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Edwin Mccain
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                           "Shooting Stars" by Edwin McCain
                            From the album "Scream & Whisper"

Tuning:  EADGBf#  (tune high e string up to f#)

Capo on 1st Fret

Chords used:  

   Bsus4 F#sus Abm7  E  C#sus Ebsus Esus4 F#sus*              
B |-0-----0----0----0----0-----0----0-----0-|
G |-4-----3----4----1----6-----8----9----11-|
D |-4-----4----4----2----6-----8----9----11-|
A |-2-----4----0----2----4-----6----7-----9-|
E |-0-----2----4----0----0-----0----0-----0-|

Listen to the CD for strumming patterns.

Intro: Bsus - F#sus - Abm7 - E - E - F#sus - E - F#sus 

Verse 1: 

C#sus                  Ebsus           Esus                    F#sus*
 We keep our love in a plain brown box, We keep it tied with a simple lock
C#sus                          Ebsus      Esus                    F#sus*
 We hold it close because it's all we got, We think it's ordinary but it's not
C#sus            Ebsus            Esus                 F#sus*
 In a world that starting to fade, A little love could pave the way
C#sus                      Ebsus       Esus                     F#sus
 Don't keep it tied with a simple lock, You think it's ordinary but it's not


Bsus4             F#sus
  And maybe this    life is 
Abm7         E
  Just about love and tenderness if 
E        F#sus    E         F#sus    
  All we are, are shooting stars
Bsus4            F#sus
  And maybe we    we can't fight
Abm7          E
  All of this pain and loneliness if
E        F#sus     E         F#sus  
  All we are, are   shooting stars

Verse 2:

C#sus                       Ebsus       Esus                     F#sus*
 Tired of hearin' 'bout the bling bling, We're so concerned with material things
C#sus              Ebsus         Esus                         F#sus*
 It's all cars and diamond rings, And do you think it's gonna ease your sting
C#sus                          Ebsus      Esus         F#sus*
 'Cause that's a hole that you can't fill, Velvet rope overkill
C#sus                    Ebsus      Esus                            F#sus
 Free your mind let your heart sing, And just remember that they're only things

Repeat Chorus


Abm7         F#sus
  I used to live by the minute
E                     F#sus 
  I was too blind to see
Abm7                F#sus
  Now I found the strength to admit it
         E              F#sus 
Now it's all I believe, please please

Solo:  (play chorus chords 1x)

Repeat Chorus


Bsus4    F#sus     Abm7      E           Bsus4    F#sus     Abm7  
                              Shooting stars
E                    Bsus4    F#sus     Abm7  
Yeah we're shooting stars
E                 Bsus4    F#sus     Abm7       
  We're shooting stars

(fade out)
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