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Edwin Mccain - Couldn't Love You More Chords

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Couldn't Love You More Chords

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Edwin Mccain
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Tuning: EADGBe

F#m    (2x4200)
Dsus2  (x00230)
E      (022100)
Bsus4  (x24400)
Asus2  (x02200)
Esus4   (022200)

> = straight to the next

Here is the finger picking style for the Verse
Its pretty much this style the whole song...

  Asus2    E     Dsus2    E     Asus2   E      Dsus2

Intro: there is none, start with Asus2

Asus2      E       Dsus2           E
After the big parade when all the limelight fades
Asus2         E            Dsus2
I'll be the one to kiss your eyes
Asus2          E         Dsus2                E
The roar fades in the air like hope from a lover's prayer
Asus2               E              Dsus2
The light from my heart begins to rise


Asus2    E                 F#m              Dsus2         Asus2
And they said I couldn't love you and that it would never last
            E          F#m             Bsus4  Asus2
He's just a crazy boy just look at his past
         E                 F#m           Dsus2          Bsus4
And they said I couldn't love you but that was just a lie
               E                 Asus2
I couldn't love you more if I tried

Play this:
Asus2 - E - F#m - Bsus4
Asus2 - E - Dsus2

Verse 2:

Asus2      E       Dsus2           E
I was the lucky one, the one having all the fun
Asus2       E        Dsus2           
Running into the sun, the party never ends
Asus2         E        Dsus2        E
You waited there for me so loving and patiently
Asus2        E            Dsus2
Shutting out sad words from your friends

(Play Chorus)

Bsus4   Asus2   E            F#m      E         Bsus4
I don't own any armor and I might not be that brave
           Asus2        E        Asus2                  E  Esus4
You might be the one I resuce but I'll be the one you save


after the last chorus play this:
F#m - Bsus4 - E
Asus2 - E - F#m - Bsus4
Asus2 - E - Dsus2
Asus2 - E - F#m - Bsus4
Asus2 - E - Dsus2
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