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Dylan Bob - Senor Chords

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Senor Chords

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Dylan Bob
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                This is the sixth song off of Dylan~s underrated -Street Legal- album.  I
happen to love the song (and some of the album, itself) to death.  Anyway,
what one should remember about this is that there are a lot of bass walk-
downs in this song, and they are slow, as is the song.  What I mean, for
example, is that, say the song moves from C to Am, the bass goes C, B, A 
(like with what any normal bassist would do).  I know you may be thinking,
what does this have to do with chord progression that he is about to
transcribe.  Well, sometimes there is a feeling in the song that more than 
one chord is being played and that is normally the bass walking down.  I may
seem silly stating this but trust me...  Or you could just ignore this whole
paragraph (as would what I would do if I were reading it).  Another thing
about this transcription is that I had a very hard time understanding Mr.
Dylan~s lyrics especially in the bridges.  So the lyrics are not exactly what
they appear to be.  For a more better interpretation of the lyrics, one 
should buy or take out of the library the Bob Dylan lyric book (which was
featured in that awful movie, you know what I~m talking about).  Anyway:

        F                C
Can you tell me where we heading?
Lincoln County Road or Armageddon?
                  G               F
Seems like I been down this way before
Dm                          Am
Is there any truth in that, Senor?

       F                C
Do you know where she~s hiding?
How long are we gonna be riding?
                        G                 F
How long must I keep my eyes glued to the door?
Dm                              Am
Will there be any comfort here, Senor?

          C                                 Em
There~s a wicked wind still blowing on that upper deck
           F                                  Am*
There~s an iron cross still hanging down from around her neck
          C                                    Em
There~s a marching band still playing in their vacant lot
          F                                      Am*
Where she held me in her arms one time and said -forget what we got-

      F               C
I can see the painted wagon
Smell the tail of a dragon
                G           F
Can~t stand the suspense anymore
        Dm                           Am
Can you tell me who to contact here, Senor?

Instrumental:  all of the verse chords with the cool mandolin

         C                                 Em
Well the last thing I remember before they stripped and kneeled
      F                                  Am*
Was a train load of fools born down in a Maganatic(?) field
    C                                  Em
The gypsy, where he broke a pike and a flashing ring
         F                                        Am*
He say, -Son this ain~t a dream no more, it~s the real thing-

               F                       C
You know their hearts here are hard as leather
Well give me a minute, let me get it together
           G                      F
Just gotta pick myself up off the floor
Dm                      Am
I~m ready when you are, Senor?

Another Instrumental like the First Instrumental

      F              C
Let~s overturn these tables
Disconnect these cables
G                                    F
This place don~t make sense to me no more
        Dm                              Am
Can you tell me what we~re waiting for, Senor?

The song fades out and ends on the verse chords and that is about it.  
The Am* chords are played by striking the Am chord, then you release all your
fingers so that you strike all open strings (except for the low E and A
strings), then you strike back on the Am chord.  It may not be accurate but
that is how I make sense out of that part of the song).

while playing in concert, making his songs lose all of their bite.  (Or maybe
it's just me).  Oh yeah, I must not disrespect the Spanish language by not
nothing that there is a tilda over the "n" in Senor.  That is all.
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