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Duran Duran - Thank You Chords

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Thank You Chords

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Duran Duran
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                This is an updated version of my original transciption. The only difference
is I have included the tabbed intro from the Album version of "Thank You" 
along with the chord intro from the "With Honors" soundtrack. Electric plays 

D  	xx0232		
Dsus4   xx0233	
Dm      xx0230 (no 3rd)
Cadd9	x32030
G*	320030
G	320033
Bm	224432
E 	022100
A	x02220

(This is the Intro from the "Thank You" album)

[Intro] x2

(Electric Tab)

    ------55-/7-/5-5-|| repeat

(Acoustic Chords, Strummed during Intro, 
 you get to figure out the strumming pattern.)


(This is the Intro from the "With Honors" Soundtrack, just play chords)

[Intro] x2

D Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D Cadd9
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D G*
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D D


If the sun refuse to shine
I would still be loving you
and mountains crumble to the sea
			D 	      Bm	
and there will still be you and me

Bm	 	  E	           
kind of woman I give you my all

Bm	        E	    A	
kind of woman nothing more


Cadd9	    	        G
little drops of rain whispered on the pain

tears and love lost in the days gone by

Cadd9	    	      G
our love is strong with you there is no wrong

together we shall go on till we die

la, la, la, la


Bm	       E		     
Inspiration is what you are to me

Bm	      E	  A
Inspiration love to see

[Solo] Play 3 times

D Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D Cadd9	** Remember Dm has no 3rd, xx0230     **
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D G*		** The electric plays the same chords **
Dsus4 D Dm D Dm D D


and so today my world is mine
your hand in mine we walk the mile
thanks to you, it will be done
		          D   Bm	
you to me are the only one

	     E		      Bm	
happiness is no longer sad

          E   A	
happiness I'm glad


If the sun refuse to shine
I would still be loving you
mountains crumble to the sea
it's to be and me
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