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Don Henley - Damn It Rose Chords

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Damn It Rose Chords

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Don Henley
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                Here's an underrated Don Henley song from "Inside Job". Like many of Don's
songs, this is open to various interpretations, but the most obvious is that 
it deals with grieving for a friend's suicide. Great lyrics, good song. The
chord progression is a lot like Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", but the
two songs are otherwise worlds apart.

I'm not 100% sure of the ending chord on the bridge, but I can vouch for the 
accuracy of the rest of the song.

Written by Don Henley and Stan Lynch

Chords used: Em, G, Am7, C, D, Dsus2, Dm, Bb and Eb

The main verse riff is Em / G twice, then Em / Am7 / C / D 
(the D alternates with Dsus2). 

Listen to the record for the timing.

Em           G   
Maybe just a good night's sleep
Em                             G
Would've changed your troubled mind
Em                              Am7   
C                D / Dsus2 
So tragic - so unkind

Em                      G
Now pain is what you've given
Em                       G 
And sleep is what you'll get
Em                          Am7
So far away from that sweet baby child
C                         (don't play D here)
Who hardly knew you yet... 

Interlude: just strum the same pattern as for the verses
Em / G
Em / G

Em                        G
Now he'll grow up to be a fighter
Em                     G
Full of anger, full of shame
Em                              Am7
Just like all the other haunted children
C                     D / Dsus2 
Who wonder why they came -

Em                         G 
And he'll be in and out of trouble
Em                         G  
Until he stands or till he falls
Em                         Am7
But there will always be a shadow there
C                                  Em      G      Em     G 
No matter how it goes...Damn it, Rose.

Dm                      G 
Is this another cryptic message,
Dm                     G 
Or some kind of cosmic quiz?
Dm                        Bb  
If there's a lesson to be learnt from this,
Eb                 (Not sure, but I think it's directly back to Em)
I don't know what it is -

Interlude (same as the above)
Em / G
Em / G

Em                        G
You could've given us the finger
Em                            G
Much more constructively than that
Em                      Am7
Now I sit here with the MTV
C                        D / Dsus2
And your bloated Burmese cat

Em                         G
We're being treated to the wisdom
Em                       G 
Of some puffed-up little fart
Em                   Am7  
Doing exactly what I used to:
Pretensions to anarchy and art -

Em                          G 
He speaks the language of a warrior
Em                          G 
He mounts his misinformed attack
Em                           Am7 
He wears the clothes of a dissenter
But there's a logo on his back...

Em                  G
And it's a hollow rebellion,
Em                     G
Like rebellions mostly are
Em                       Am7   
It's just another raging tempest
In a jar...

Em                      G
And the seasons keep on changing,
Em                         G 
And the wind blows hot and cold -
Em                                 Am7
Wish that you were here with us to watch this tide
As it ebbs and flows....
C        Em        G       Em       G      
Damn it, Rose.

Coda: play Em / G repeatedly and fade out.

There you have it! If anyone can figure out the missing chord, please let me
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