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Crowded House - English Trees Ukulele

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English Trees Ukulele

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Crowded House
ENGLISH TREES   -       Crowded house

capo on 1

 G - C

 G                    C        C
  English trees in my  garden
 G                   C               C
  planted seeds in a   far away land
 Am             D9/F#              Em           Am      Asus4 - Am -Asus2- Am - Asus4 - Am - Asus2
  In between the    palms and the     succulent   growth

    G                          C          C 
They  lose their leaves in the   winter
 G                     C                  C 
  Mark the seasons for   him and for her
 Am          D9/F#            Em       Am               
  Once upon a     time in the   fallen   snow
 Am             D9/F#          Esusb13           Em     Am - Asus4 - Am - Asus2          
  Up against the     sky made a       silhouette   show

Asus4 - Am - Asus2 - Am   2x

 G                      C               C
  England cries and she   plays for him
    G                       C          C     
The  chords entwined like a   requiem
   Am           D9/F#                Em           Am     Am - Asus4 - Am - Asus2    
Al-  though it's     springtime, and    colour is   new
  Am         D9/F#            D7sus4/G          Em      Em7 - Cmaj7/E - Em - Cmaj7/E - Em
In   Regent's     Park, I will        mourn for   you
      G          D/F#           Em                          
And I    must be     wise some-   how
           G             D/F#      C                     
'Cause my   heart's been    broken  down

 Am               C+/Ab         
   It's so far to      fall
 Fm               C      
   And so hard to   climb
 Am                    C+/Ab       
   Nothing's sadder, I      know
 Cm                      G       G    
   Than the passing of   time

 Dm - G/B - Am - Dm     Dm - G/B - F - C

                  C - F    
Won't forget me 
                     C - F  
You won't forget me 

 C                    F        F
  English trees in my   garden
 C                         F          F
  Summer's missed you, my    darling
     C                         F         F         
And   all your crimes are for-   given
     C                           F            
Yes,   all your crimes are for-   given
      Am         Em           Am            
And I   must be    wise some-   how

 C - F - C - F

 G               C - G        C               
  England cries       Ohhh 
G - C
G                  C         
  English trees in my garden//

G       320003
D9/F#   2x0210
D7sus4/G 0x0213
D/F#    2x0232
Em7     022030
Cmaj7/E 022010
Fm      133111
Cm      x35543
G/B     x20033

i used powertab freeware to find chords.
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