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I Still Do Tabs

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
my first tab,,
all the picking parts should be done fairly swiftly, and the chords should relate
to the rhythm of the song
a really pretty song may i add!
just fair warning that it's not exact,
do let me know if there's some notes that don't sound right or i screwed up somewhere,


~ = hold a little longer, not too much

   Am                          F                           G

G--1~----1---1---| start strumming E strongly here after this riff,
D--2~-----2---2--| might wanna check out the song for the rhythm

Am  F  G  E x 1
(that high pitched voice in the background goes with this if you listen closely,
yes i had too much time on my hands)

Am                          F
    i'm not ready for this,   though i thought i would be
G                          E
   i can't see the future,    though i thought i could see
Am                              F
    i don't want to leave you,    even though i have to
G                            E
   i don't want to love you,    oh how(?) i still do

Am                                 F
    need some time to find myself,   i wanna live within(?)

G E x 1 (then that little riff that goes with E)

G--1---1---|   x2

(start strumming these chords more strongly, some strums being more distinct then others,
again i'd check out the song for the rhythm)

Am                      F
   can I go my own way?   can I pray my own way?
G                            E
  i don't want to leave you,   oh i need you

(stop strumming so hard here, do it gently like previously)

Am                       F
   am I ready for this?    did I think I would be?
G                        E
  can I see the future?    no i can't see
Am                            F
   i don't want to leave you,   even though I have to
G                             E
   i don't want to love you,    oh how(?) i still do

(you can keep doing the chords Am F G E here, but i like to do a faint picking thing of 
riffs from the intro)

ah la da da da da..
oh how i still do

ah la da da da da..
oh how i still do

(fade out and go on to a quiet outro thing that i really just made up to make it sound final..)
E------|     |E------|     |E------|
B------|     |B------|     |B------|
G------| x8  |G------| x8  |G------| x8
D------|     |D------|     |D------|
A--0---|     |A--3---|     |A--2---|
E------|     |E------|     |E------|

end on an Am chord
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