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Why'd You Lie Tabs

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
Colin James
Slow blues guitar
Verses are primarily Cm7, Gm7, Fm7, Cm7
Chorus is Fm7, Cm
Bridge is Fm7, Gm7, Cm7

{ Sax solo (guitar plays like verses) followed by guitar solo }

{ Repeat first verse }

{ Why'd you lie several times and end }



I submitted this tune well over 10 years ago and THAT version of my tab
(chords only, really) was not that helpful. 
This version has a lot more detail. Hopefully you'll all find it a 
little more useful.

I submitted several other Colin James tunes as well but haven't found them
posted anywhere !! I'll try again on here. 

I know there are a lot of Colin fans out there but it looks like only 2 
of us are posting his stuff. I hope the UGA gods will put them up.

"Why'd You Lie"
Colin James

I certify that this transcription is all my own work, not copied from
any other source. It is provided for instructional purposes only.

Standard tuning = E A D G B e
Use a clean, chorusy "in between" strat sound with pretty rich "slap" 
delay and some compression. For the solo, go dirty.

Cm7	=  8 10 8 8 8 8   or  x 3 5 3 4 3
Cm9	=  8 10 8 8 8 10
Gm7	=  3  5 3 3 3 3
Fm7	=  x 8 10 8 9 8   or  1 3 1 1 1 1
Fm9	=  1  3 1 1 1 3
G7b9(?)	=  x 10 9 10 11 x 	
Db      =  9 11 11 10 9 9

The song starts with a fairly long Cm blues scale solo intro. I 
won't tab the whole thing because a) I only play a reasonable 
facsimile of the intro myself and b) I suck at tab and it takes me 
forever to get it down. 

But this should get you started and the ladies should recognize bits 
of it ;-) 

You'll need the CD to follow the timing. That's not tabbed right
either. Sorry.

e --8-8-10p8h10p8h10p8-|--------------------------------------------|
B 1/-------------------|--8-11--------------------------------------|
G ---------------------|-------10^10-8-10^10-8-10-8-----------------|
D ---------------------|----------------------------10-8-10-8-------|
A ---------------------|--------------------------------------10-8-6|
E ---------------------|--------------------------------------------|

e ---11p8---13p8---11p8---11/13---8-11-----------------------------|
B -8------8------8------8--------------11^11-8-11-8----------------|
G --------------------------------------------------10-8-10^10-8---|
D ---------------------------------------------------------------10|
A -----------------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------------|

e -----------------|
B -----------------|
G -8---------------|
D ---10-8-6h8p6----|
A --------------8--|
E -----------------|

The Cm blues noodling is much more elaborate than what I've posted

Then there's this "thingy". I've seen Colin play it live several times 
and it's NOT this but this sounds close enough to the record to me.

e --8--10--11-13-10-11--8-10-6-8-3~~~ < tremolo bar-|
B --8--10--11----10-----8----6---3~~~ --------------|
G --8--10--12----10-----8----6---3~~- --------------|
D -10--12--13----12----10----8---3~~~ --------------|
A --------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------|

Then a LOT more fast noodling in the Cm blues scale. Finishes with

e ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------11~~~~ ------9~~~ < more tremolo bar after each of these chords|
G ---------10~~~~ ------8~~~ -------------------------------...then pause-|
D ---------9~~~~~ ------7~~~ ---------------------------------------------|
A -8-9-10-10~~~~~ 6-7-8-8~~~ ---------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------------------------------------|

"The riff" (still no other instruments)       
				     Bass drums sax all punch in 
					      | here
Cm7// Fm7 Fm7 Cm7// Fm7 FM7 cm7// Fm7 Fm7 Cm7 G7b9///

    Cm7          Gm7
The very first...learned...
          Fm7              Fm9
Is that...shouldn't...fool  
             Cm7      G7b9 (punch)
The people...close to
          Cm7       Gm7
And now...finally...really
That if...left...
              Cm7         G7b9 (punch)
You wouldnt...supposed to 

Fm7   Fm7 Cm7//  Fm7   Fm7 Cm7// 
Why'd you lie
Fm7   Fm7 Cm7//      Fm7   Fm7 Cm7 G7b9///
Why'd you lie, baby 

2nd verse (same as first)
Don't want...
Don't want...
You left me...
While you were...

And now you're...
All sugar and...
You had...
Your chances...


You'd better make...
To all this...
            Cm7 (punch Cm7 - then play a Cm blues run)
And start...nice
'Cause we...
'Til I was...
Cm7 (punch once and silent until chorus starts)
There's one thing...
All about sleepin' in another man's be-e-e-ed...


Sax solo 4 bars 
(like verses except start with Cm9 instead of Cm7 for first bar)
Guitar solo
(also 4 bars)

Repeat whole first verse

Fm7   Fm7  Cm7//    Fm7 Fm7 Cm7//
Why'd You  Lie ...
Fm7   Fm7  Cm7//    Fm7 Fm7 Cm7//
Why'd You  Lie ...
Fm7   Fm7  Db (hold for 2 measures - organ does a run-up scale 
						   in DB Major)

Why'd You  Lie ...
Fm7   Fm7  Cm7//   Fm7 Fm7 Cm7//
Fm7   Fm7 Db (Hold for 2 measures)

Big snare hit
Cm7 chord (Cm blues run downwards on guitar)

Finish on Cm9 chord. Let it ring while riding the tremolo bar

That should bring you much closer to what's going on in the record.

Good Luck
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