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Chuck Girard - Little Pilgrim Chords

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Little Pilgrim Chords

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Chuck Girard

       D                        A/C#
Little Pilgrim walking down the road of life
  Em7                                     Asus   A7
I find that in your heart, you're just a lonely one
        D              G/D
For you see, upon that very road
    Em7                                 Asus   A7
My search for good and truth had its beginning
     D                        G/D
You take a little turn to the left
        D                         G/D
And you see what that path has to offer you
          Em7                                   Asus  A7
Then you gotta make it back to the main road anyhow
         Em7                           Asus   A7
And you have all that lost time to make up for
           D        A/C#    Bm       D/A
And it's a sad thing... to realize
             Em                       Asus   A7   D
That you're all alone, that you're on your own again

       D                          A/C#
Little Pilgrim, walking down the road of life
Can't you see that there are many others
        Asus       A7 
Who are just like you
       D               G/D
I was lookin' in that same direction
But all I ever found were others
          Asus                A7 
Who were searching just like me
        D                          G/D
And we didn't find the way or the answers
        Em                                          Asus  A7
To the questions that were buried deep down in our souls
         D                                 G/D
We just found that the ways of men have no answers 
    D     G/D    D     G/D

Dmaj7  D              Gmaj7    G
Oh,...... don't you wonder....now
Em7         Asus   A  D
What you're tryin' to do
Dmaj7  D             Gmaj7     G
Oh,.....don't you wonder......now
Em         Asus     A7     D
Where that path is takin' you

        D                        A/C#
Little Pilgrim, walking down the road of life
   Em                                            Asus      A7
I know that deep down in your heart that you are just like me
             D           G/D
What you're seekin' is a better way
           Em7                                Asus     A7
And you're reachin' out for temporary resting places
            D                                           G/D
And you're glad to find a little peace of mind here and there
        D                               G/D
But it won't last no, no, cause you'll have to move along someday
            Em7                                         Asus
'Til you're resting in the arms of the only one who can help
'Til you give your heart and your soul and your body
         Asus           A7          D    G/D  D   G/D
And your mind and your life to the Lord
            D            A/C#
And it's a glad thing to realize
That you're not alone no more
          Asus          A7    D     G/D     D     G/D
That you found your way back home
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