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Chris Ledoux - A Cowboy Was Born Chords

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A Cowboy Was Born Chords

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Chris Ledoux
Chris Ledoux
A cowboy was Born
Off of Horse Power
I think this is pretty close. 
Any corrections welcome

Intro  G  C 2x

Verse 1:
She was holding her breath
As he attempted a prayer
And he was cussing the dust 
Rising up in the air
G                               C          Asus
Cause the old cattle trail well it weren’t anyway 
D                            Asus
For a baby to draw its first breath

Verse 2:
And the unbroken west  
Well it was no place to live
Cause it was hard to survive
 And it was hell if you did
G                                     C          Asus
So he entered this world with a pair of clinched fist
D                               Asus
And the first and last tears he shed

Chorus 1
Asus               D           G
And the long horns mowed him a welcome
Asus            D             C
As a new voice cried from the buckboard
C                               G
And the Irish they sang sad and lonely 
C                 Asus       Dsus
Cause they knew a cowboy was born

Verse 3:
Well the prairie closed in 
And a century past 
 The settlers plowed under 
The tall prairie grass
G                                    C         Asus
And the cow towns died off in a world changing fast 
D                              Asus
 But the wind kept the spirit alive

Verse 4:
Cause a young boy in Kansas
He Caught a breeze one day
And in a five second rush 
he was fightin for eight
G                                       C      Asus
He saw it all so clear through the dirt on his face
D                       Asus
He knew hen was born to ride

Asus              D           G
And the long lost heir to the saddle
Asus          D            C
Finally found his way back home
C                       G
As he picked up his hat Well the crowed cheered 
C                       Asus  Dsus
Cause they knew a cowboy was born
G               Asus       G
Yeah that day a cowboy was born

Solo  G   C    G   C

Asus                D                   G
Asus                D        C
To the poets of the sage and thorn
C             Asus  Dsus   
A proud legacy of a nation
C             Asus        D
Thank god the cowboy was born 
C               Asus       G
Yea thank god a cowboy was born

G  C 2x
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