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Charles Aznavour - The Sound Of Your Name Live Chords

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The Sound Of Your Name Live Chords

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Charles Aznavour
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The sound of your name comes to me any hour
On wings of the wind, like the scent of a flower
How can I explain, its impossible power
    Am   Am6      Am7  Am(maj7)
The sound of your name
    Am(maj7)      Am6       Am(maj7)  Am6
The sound of your name is a Valentine greeting
A bell when it rings and a heart when it's beating
And drawing a spell where all things keep repeating
The sound of your name

     Em        Em/D#       Em/D       Em/C#
Your name is a song that I long to be writing
    F#m7-5   B7             F#m7-5      B7
The music is strong and the words are inviting
  E          F#m7     Edim/G      E7/G#
Exchangeable melodies strangely exciting
Am(add9) Am            Am(add9) Am
  I      found in your name
The sound of your name can bring times of desire
     Em                        Em/D        Em/C#
That flares like a flame as it climbs ever higher
     F#sus4      F#         Fm
That burns in my senses and turns them to fire
    B7            | Em | Cm | Em | Cm | Fm | % | % | % |
The sound of your name

But love is a game that continuously changes
The player discovers the risk and the dangers
   F          F/Eb       Fm/D     Fm/Db
We started as lovers, we ended as strangers
  Now where can I turn?
     Bbm        Bbm/Ab     Bbm/G           Bbm/Db
Your name's the ghost of a chance that you gave me
  Fm                       Fm/Eb      Fm/Db
A grave little dance just enough to enslave me
And only my grief, what is there that can save me
   C7  C#7     C7    C#7
If you don't return

At night in my dreams you are there, an obsession
I whisper your name, like a prayer, a confession
       F#         Gm7             F#dim/A  F#7/A#
You've entered my soul and you've taken possession
And whom can I blame?
    Bm                    Bm/A         Bm/G#
For you are the heaven on earth that I sigh for
    F#m               F#m/E       F#m/D#
The high unattainable moon that I cry for
As long as I live, I will live and I'll die for
    C#7           D
The sound of your name

     D          D7
Your name, your name
                F#m       | C#7 | % | F#m
Your name, your na-a-a-ame            
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