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Bright Eyes - Act Of Contrition Chords

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Act Of Contrition Chords

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Bright Eyes
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                Hello....  I took about 2 hours and improved the chords to this song.  Everything is 
more thorough, and all the chord changed are exact, I just finished listening to the song.  
this helps a little better.

Credit to Yoshima for tabbing the original version of this, with some of his 
still intact.

Happy jamming =)    -LM


Bright Eyes – “Act of Contrition”

The chords used in this song are relative to a capo on the 1st fret:


The following pattern is played 4 times for the intro and also forms the main theme of 
song; the bass notes being plucked with the thumb and the highest four strings are strummed;

B|-------1-1-1------1-1-1------1-1-1------------------|  INTRO:
G|-------0-0-0------0-0-0------2-2-2------------------| <--- 4x
D|-------2-2-2------0-0-0------2-2-2--3p2h3p2h3p2-----| <--- note that
A|---3----------2----------0--------------------------|    3p2h3p2h3p2
E|----------------------------------------------------|    is copied
                                                         throughout the
                                                            WHOLE song.
This main theme is the repeated through the verse...

                 C   Csus2/B   Am
The air was all dust
3p2h3p2h3p2  C    Csus2/B   Am    3p2h3p2h3p2
A night so untamed
     C         Csus2/B    Am        3p2h3p2h3p2    
  Csus2/B   Am
The ground opened up and swallowed, all of the rain
      3p2h3p2h3p2     C  Csus2/B   Am
And it swallowed you too...
     3p2h3p2h3p2  C   Csus2/B   Am  3p2h3p2h3p2
Into distance unknown

         C          Csus2/B       Am (let ring)      
As they sat down for dinner they waited for you to get home
Yeah, they set a...place for you.
    C    Csus2/B  Am  (let ring)            
So don't...be....lieve everything that you read, in that...diary of
  C    Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2

C  Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2   C    
                 And this...  ner – vous - ness,
   3p2h3p2h3p2   C    Csus2/B     Am   3p2h3p2h3p2
It isn't...     all  your   fault
               C  Csus2/B   Am          3p2h3p2h3p2
It's just these sha - king  hands won't do

        C       Csus2/B    Am   3p2h3p2h3p2
what I want them  ...  to.

        C  Csus2/B    Am   3p2h3p2h3p2
And I've tried    to guess  what  it,
C  Csus2/B  Am     3p2h3p2h3p2
 Is  you  thought about

      C        Csus2/B        Am (let ring)          
That act of contrition that rolled off our tongues as you wept.
What are you...crying for?
      C   Csus2/B Am  (let ring)   F
Just dust...my   heart and you will find
There are no fingers printed there
         C    Csus2/B    Am (let ring)   F
Just the un...touched...place that lies inside
         G                 C    Csus2/B  Am 
Of every...lonely boy...tonight.

***If you have one, start randomly tapping a type-writer until end***

C    Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2
C    Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2
C    Csus2/B  Am  3 – 2 - 0   <--- notice this change on the D string.


F  (4 bars)
G  (3 bars, and on the offbeat before the 4th bar:  “And all.....”, so that you 
on “all” with the G chord, signifying that “all” is the 4th bar

     G       C  Csus2/B  Am (let ring)      
And all this o... pen ...air has caused me to choke
        G                       C  Csus2/B  
On your...new-found hope...for me.
C  Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2
C  Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2
C  Csus2/B  Am  3p2h3p2h3p2...3p2h3p2h3p2...3p2h3p2h3p2...3p2h3p2h3p2.

Let that last note ring out and that’s it.

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        Act Of Contrition lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Act Of Contrition lessons
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