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Bad Books - I Begged You Everything Chords

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I Begged You Everything Chords

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Bad Books
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                These are just the chords, but they should be right, hopefully you can figure out 
some way to pick it out just right.

A            E
We slept for close to seven hours 
A                  E
all the way to your dad's basket case.
A            E                  B
I didn't catch the final score 
so I prayed that we'd sink a few more.

And I didn't mind and you didn't seem to 
A          E
mind about me, but I was wrong.
A            E                B       
Who wouldn't fear to leave it all 
cause it's gonna come, 
it's gotta come.

A        E
I am the widow, 
A            E
the spidered king. 
A                   E
There's web in your teeth,
And there's holes in the ceiling. 

A            E
And I wanted more, I left with nothing.
A            E
Who's really lost and who's really winning? 
A          E                  B
I begged again, you said hello.
For now that's all I know. 

A       E
Now I remember 
A                 E
the exhaust and remains.
A               E       B                  B      
A shallow shadow hung across my brand new drapes.

A             E
And I gave my car away, 
A                E
down towards the post office.
A           E                  B
Man told me he needed it more. 
I believed him, went home and slept more.

A               E
And that's what gets me sometimes, 
A           E
that's what struck me blind,
A              E         
And that's why there's no time. 
A          E                         
That's why I still try, 
A          B
and that's why...

I begged you everything,
I begged you everything.
          A                       E         
Begged you everything, everything.

A       E    B        E
f**k am I supposed to do when 
A        E        A       E
you just lie your arms in mine?
A       E    B        E                         
f**k am I supposed to do 
     A         E         A        E       
when you never lie about tellin a lie?
   A        E    B        E
So what was I supposed to do? 
     A       E              A         A  
Just keep on trying through sleepless nights?
A       E    B        E                                   
f**k am I supposed to choose? 
                  A                        E                  
Cause I begged you everything, everything.

A       E
I can remember wishing that 
A              E
the season had lasted a little longer.
A       E            B
It don't, and we die. 
If not me, then to my pride. 
If not now, then tonight.
If not then, we just might 
give up trying.

Outro: (picking)
A, E, A, E
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