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Gotta Let You Go Tabs

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Bachelor Girl
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Chords: B	x2444x		C#m	x46654
	E	022100		F#m	244222
	G#m	466444		Asus2	x02200
	A	x02220

Chorus:	|B  E	|G#m  A	|Asus2 B |C#m	| x2

On the Asus2, Hammer on the C# (forms an A) once every two beats
And on the C#m do the same with the D#

	B   E	G#m A	   A	   B
	Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

	I gotta let you go

	B   E   G#m A
	Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh	   A	   B

	I gotta let you go

Play the chorus again

Verse:	|C#m	|C#m  G#m|C#m	A  |G#m	|

	|F#m	|B	|C#m	|

	It's a sad day

				   G#m		C#m
	But some good will come of it I guess

			A	   G#m
	And maybe it'll be for the best

		F#m		B
	As you walk away I know

	I gotta let you go

Play the same chords as the verse again to these words

	It's not easy
	Watching something you cherish fade
	But it's the only choice that I can make
	You wanna be somewhere else I know
	I gotta let you go

Play Chorus

These are the third verse lyrics. Play the same chords as the
first and second verses.

	It's OK
	There's really nothing you can say
	And I don't hate you that it's gone this way
	Some things just ain't meant to be
	And I gotta let you go

Play Chorus

Bridge: the bridge has a beat that is hard to explain. i'll do my best.
	You'll have to listen to it for the beat.



	I still can't figure why
	Joy can erase in the blink of an eye
	You no longer need me
	Just when I let you belong in my life

Play Chorus
		B	E
	We had something

		G#m		A	Asus2
	But whatever it was has gone

	And I gotta let you go

		  B    E
	So don't stay here

		G#m	  A	Asus2
	If you wanna move on

	I gotta let you go

Play the chorus a few times to these words. they're basically the same
It's just the bits tania adds in.

	Ooh Ooh
	I gotta let you go
	Ooh Ooh
	You and I both know
	I gotta let you go

	There's no reason
	We should still be holding on
	And I gotta let you go
	So don't stay here
	If our chances have gone
	I gotta let you go

	Ooh Ooh yeah yeah
	I gotta let you go
	Ooh Ooh
	The time has come I know
	I gotta let you go

after all this james fades out on the C#m in the same beat
as the bridge. try doing some soloing using the C#m blues scale
on the 9th fret.

Hope you enjoyed this one cos it's one of my favourite bachelor girl
songs. it totally rocks. so if you don't like them i don't want you
to have a copy of this. Seeya.
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