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A Rebours Chords

(ver. 2) Click to play this song!
A’ Rebours

Ok; here is a tab constructed from an old Doherty tab to fit Walden –Esq. guitarists.
It is a bit  rough as it was transcribed in a book of Albion before being altered by
myself to fit the new versions of A ‘Rebours. This, in my humble opinion is the best
song on the new album, this tab may only imitate the live versions in place though.
Please feel free to alter it.

Intro and backing guitar 

(R) e – 12 – 11 – 9 –  9 –  9 - - - - - (4)
(I)  B – 9 –   9 – 12 – 10 - 9 - - - - - - 4 
(P) G – 7 –   9 --   9 -- 9 -  9 - - - - - (4)                  (x2)
(P) D – 9 –   9 --   9 – 9 –  9 – - - - -(4)           
(L) A ---------------------------------------
(E) E ---------------------------------------

Verse Chords are simply C#m/ C# (335543/446654) + B 
(On the versions with two Guitars one plays one chord one plays the other…pat finger
picks between both)

First Verse

C#(m)                  B                   C#(m)   B     C#(m)                          B
Well you sent for me; I came knock knock knocking upon deaths’ door,
         C#(m)      B           C#(m)      B     C#(m)       B           C#(m)             B
You Ignore, Adore, and Magrew me; leave me washed up begging for more,
A       E     E         B           C#(m)       B          C#(m)          B 
If you really cared for me; you’d leave me be, you’d set me free,
A           E         E                 B 
What you rob me of, is my liberty. 

Second verse

C#(m)                    B                C#(m)              B        C#(m)         B
Oh you dull A’ Rebour me, the sun was setting on a distant shore, 
C#(m)                    B               C#(M)                  B              C#(m)             B
You were in the mirror bawling, if you want it so much you can have it all,

You said you cared for me, why can’t you see, you’d leave me be,

(He’s too polite to say) I’m too polite to say - - - f**k off!

I defy you all; I know ten times as much as ten times you all, that’s still nothing at

It was a surprise to us all; what was once nothing at all is still nothing at a-a-all.
Ripple (intro) x2 
Then: C#(m) B Riff (C# - B B – C# - B B - B B)                                   A’ Rebours x 5

(Single chords) 
 C#m                        B                    C#m                    B
We’ve been running round this world too much girl,
C#m                     B                                        C#m                    B
Too blind to see, what’s killing (or keeping) you is killing me,
C#m            B              C#m                              B
I understood, what I never understood before,
C#m         B       C#m                     B   
Your love gave me so much more,
C#m                            B      C#m                     B
Now we’re free of them, we can be free again 

(Slow the chords down so you’re almost picking each individual sting)

Oh, if  I  should fall, would you vow today to pay your tomorrows,

To save my soul and protect me from sorrow (I know I know) 

Ripple  Sorrow x4
Solo (Based around ripple just do it in reverse then scale upwards in the same fashion)
Ripple A’ Rebours x5 


This is the first tab I’ve ever written up. Thanks to Peter Doherty and Jasmine for the
lyrics. Thanks to the recorder of the Reading festival for getting the song and putting
it on the forum, along with all the other versions I used. I hope everyone at least has
something to work with. Thanks to the whole of Baby Shambles for a cracking song.

Up The Shambles.
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