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Ani Difranco - Soft Shoulder Chords

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Soft Shoulder Chords

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Ani Difranco

Am  G


Am                            G         
    I don't keep much stuff around
Am                    G
    I value my portability
Am                             G
    But I will say that I have saved
Am                                G
    Every letter you ever wrote to me

Am                             G
    The one you left on my windshield
Am                         G 
    Outside of that little motel
Am                                   G
    Is in the pocket of my old gig bag
Am                                        G
    From back when life was more soft shelled


Am                                  F
   Letters littered with little lewd pictures
Am                              F
   Drawn by the ghost of Woody Guthrie
Am                                 F
   Who would use your big thick hand
        G                        F
Just to draw one or two for me


Am G  Am G 


Am                                     G
    And I think of your letters as love letters
Am                              G
    Which is how I think of songs
Am                                      G
    In that it is the writing of them
Am                               G
    That tends to carry us along

Am                                        G
    And I dance to one of your old tunes
Am                                      G
    With my true love on our wedding day
Am                                                     G
    And your voice sang the way my heart would sing
Am                                      G
    If it finally knew just what to say


Am                                     F
   Two people pulled over on the same night
Am                           F
   To look up at the same stars
Am                                       F
   They both found their wheels were spinning in a soft shoulder
          G                           F
When they both got back into their cars

Am                                              F
    And they missed fate's appointed rendezvous
Am                                    F
    And then a whole lotta time went by
Am                                  F
    And one day they were done worshipping the landscape
And they just put down their hands
And moved into the sky


Am G  Am G


And they had barely said hello
And it was time to say goodbye


Am G  Am G  Am G  Am G

End on Am
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