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Al Stewart - In Brooklyn Chords

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In Brooklyn Chords

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Al Stewart
      D                    F#m                Bm     D   
'Oh I come from Pittsburgh to study astrology,'
        G                  A7                  D   
She said as she stood on my instep,
              F#m                  Bm              F#m
'I could show you New York with a walk between
Bm                         A7
Fourth Street and Nine.'
          D               F#m            Bm     D
Then out of her coat taking seven harmonicas
        G                  A7            D
She sat down to play on a doorstep saying
F#m                  Bm                    F#m                Bm
'Come back to my place I will show you the stars
              A      Em   A7   
and the signs'.

Pre chorus:1  
        Bm                              D   
So I followed her into the black lands
                  Bm                                     D
Where the window frames peel and flake
And the old Jewish face behind the lace
                  G                                          A7
Even now trying to get to see what's cooking
Just John the Baptist in the park getting laid
                            A7         D     A7  D
thinking there's no-one look  i   ng.

              G           A7                     G                   A7
And its eighty degrees and I'm down on my knees
     D            Bm     D      Bm
in Brooklyn.

Verse 2:
       D                    F#m       Bm            D
Her house was a dusty collection of rusty
       G                  A7                  D
Confusion with landings and tunnels
        F#m               Bm            F#m             Bm
And leaning bookcases and spaces and faces and
            D                              F#m      Bm
Where twenty-five Puerto Ricans, Manhattan
         G           A7      D
And Jewish-Italian Pawnbrokers
F#m           Bm          F#m               Bm         
Lead their theatrical lives in their rooms in the
A       Em   A7

Pre chorus:2
           Bm                  D
While outside in the black lands
        Bm                       D                  
The violent day runs wild
And the black and white minstrelsrun through the crazy alleys
                 G            A7
While the cops go booking
And ruthless toothless agents sneak around and
             A7         D     A7  D
there's no-one look  i    ng

Chorus 1:
              G          A7                       G  
And it's eighty degrees and I'm down on my
A7           D           Bm    
knees in Brooklyn.

        Bm6    G                         Dmaj7   Bm       
And oh, I'm back in the city again.
               Bm6                               G  
You can tell by the smell of the hamburger stand
           F#7sus4  A7
in the rain....

Verse: 3
        D             F#m                   Bm             D
She spoke of astrology while muttering apologies
       G                 A7           D
For coffee that tasted of hot dogs
           F#m    Bm                  F#m  Bm    
I said 'That's OK, mine was cold anyway, and
just grand'
                 D               F#m                Bm    D            
Then she lay on the bed while the radio fed us with
G                    A7                D        
Records and adverts for cat food
          F#m                Bm               F#m 
And I looked at her, holding my thoughts in the
Bm               A     Em    A7  
palm of my hand

Pre chorus:3
        Bm                   D
And outside in the black lands
        Bm                           D
The evening came and went
And the bums in the street begging money for one
last drink
Are hanging round the liquor stores trying to get
a foot in
And the girl from Pittsburgh and I made love on a
G                              A7             D     A7  D
mattress with the new moon look  i    ng.

                   G                    A7                  G  
And in the cool evening breeze I was down on my
A7           D           Bm   G   D
knees in Brooklyn.....
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