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Allman Brothers - Blue Sky Chords

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Blue Sky Chords

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Allman Brothers
BLUE SKY- The Allman Brothers

TUNING FOR THIS VERSION: E B E G# B E  (actual tuning: standard)

E  A  E  A  E  D  A  E  (RIFF 1)

 E              B      A      E
Walk along the river, sweet lullaby
It just keeps on flowing
A                                             RIFF 2
It don't worry bout where it's going, no no
E                  B                  A               E
Don't fly Mister Bluebird, I'm just walking down the road
                 B         A                          RIFF 3
Early morning sunshine, tells me all I need to know

B          A          E              A
You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day
B                 A                      E                A
Lord you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way
Turn your love my way, yeah

E  A  E  A  E  A  E  A ...  RIFF 4

E                 B                  A          E
Good old Sunday morning, bells are ringing everywhere
            B          A                               RIFF 3
Goin' to Carolina, it won't be long and I'll be there


    E         A               E            E         A               E
E  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
G# -0-------0-5-------5-8-5---0---0--------0-------0-5-------5-8-5---0---0-------    
E  -0-0-0h2---5-5-5h7-------7-0-0---2p0----0-0-0h2---5-5-5h7-------7-0-0---2p0---
B  -0---------5---------5-5-5-0---------2--0---------5---------5-5-5-0---------2-  
E  -0---------5---------------0------------0---------5---------------0-----------
   E       D              A        (F#m)   E
---0-0-----10----------10-5-------5-(1)----0---F#m 2nd time only

RIFF 2:                         RIFF 3:
-------------------5---------   ---------------------5-7-7s9s7-5--- 
-------------------5---------   -----------------5-7---------------
-------------------5---------   ---------------3-----5-5-5-----5--- 
-2s4-2-0-----------5---------   -----0-2-0-2s4---5-5--------------- 
---------2-0-------5-----5-5-   -0-2------------------------------- 
-------------4s2-4-5-5h7-----   -----------------------------------


    E  A  B  F#m   D
E   0  5  7   2    10
B   0  5  7   2    10
G#  0  5  7   1    10
E   0  5  7   2    10
B   0  5  7   x    10
E   0  5  7   2    10

NOTE:  This song is actually NOT in EBEG#BE tuning, but rather in 
standard tuning.  However, I think it makes it much easier to play this 
way, esp. with just one guitar.  If you want to play it in standard, the 
chord names are still valid.
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