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Acid Bath - Bones Of Baby Dolls Chords

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Bones Of Baby Dolls Chords

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Acid Bath
The Bones of Baby Dolls by Acid Bath
  from the 1994 album When the Kite String Pops

  Tuning: C - F - Bb - Eb - G - C  (down 2 steps)

  Play the shapes of the chords written.

3/4 Timing

  Am - Am - G - G - F - E - E - E  (repeat at your discretion)

  Am     G          F     E
  Flower girls play lover
  Am          G      F    E
  Grave games in the courtyard 
  F G     E   Am
  I heard her
  F         G      E   Am
  Screaming like a radio

  Cm - Bm - Am - Am (x3) then Cm - Bm

Repeat Intro and Bridge, ending on an Am strum

4/4 Timing

First Verse:
  Am - Dm - Am - E (x2)

  Am     Dm     Am        E
  Mary-Lou left marks on you
  Am       Dm             Am     E
  She just screams at the walls 
      Am              Dm              Am             E
  The kite string pops, I'm swallowed whole by the sky 
     Am                 Dm   E
  We smoke the bones of baby dolls 

  Am - Dm - Am - E - Am - Dm - E  (listen for timing)

Second Verse:
  Am - Dm - Am - E (x2)

  Am      Dm    Am          E
  Techno-liquid screaming meat
  Am        Dm    Am        E
  Heaven's cold beneath my feet 
  Am     Dm      Am    E
  Cyber love the anti-man
  Am         Dm   Am  E
     We make love...
                Am  Dm  Am  E
  ...because we can 

  Am - Dm - Am - E (x3)

Third Verse:
  Am      Dm            Am       E
  Virgins play where the bayou's blue
  Am       Dm      Am        E
  Barefoot eatin' mushroom stew 
  Am         Dm    Am        E
  Work for pay and pay for freedom
  Am           Dm  Am          E
     f**k 'em all     we don't need 'em

  Am - Dm - Am - E

     Am                 Dm   E
  We smoke the bones of baby dolls 

  Am - Dm - Am - E - Am - Dm - E  (listen for timing)

  Am - C - G - Bb (listen for timing)

  Everything's gone dry 
  Like bottle glass scr*ping 'cross the pavement

  (play Outro twice without the lyrics and twice with the lyrics, then repeat until fade-out)

aka nebakanezer
C. 2013
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