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Zebrahead, Falling Apart Chords (ver.1)

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Falling Apart Chords (ver.1)

Zebrahead Tabs
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I've been looking for chords to this song for ages, so I tabbed it out myself.

A------44-55-44------77--4-5----------------------| (x2)

Everything's falling apart! F#5 D5 C#5 A5 E5 D5 (x2)

Verse 1:

F#5                     D5           C#5        A5
   Stutter step through another trap set by deception
          E5         D5
Mention rejection (rejection)
F#5                 D5
Always lies in your eyes
C#5             A5       
Settles in your action
Lies in your eyes
D5              F#5
Settles in your action
D5              C#5          A5
Jeopardize everything that I want 
      E5                 D5       F#5
And I wont compromise anything anymore
Nevermore look up to you and adore

Liberty (YEAH)
   F#5        D5    C#5   A5  
Manipulations on my mind
             E5     D5    F#5
Expectations well defined
D5        C#5
Frustrate me 
Liberate me 
      E5                   F#5
Cause everything's falling apart
You can't control me, You can't control me
A5                   F#5
Everything's falling apart
You can't control me, You can't control me
A5                     F#5
Everything's falling apart
      D5    C#5 A5
Now I can't see you
        E5     D5     F#5
Doesn't matter what I do 
  D5   C#5  A5 
I cant see you cause
E5           D5      F#5
Everything's falling apart

F#5 D5 C#5 A5 E5 D5 (x2)

(The chords in the 2nd verse are the same as the first, but here are the lyrics)

I got exposed to a deeper form of infection 
Shout out "I need acception" 
Always lies in your eyes 
Settles in your action 
Criticize everything that I do 
And I will overcome anything that's in store 
Nevermore look up to you and adore 
Liberty (YEAH) 

[Repeat Chorus]

Manipulation is on my mind
Inspect me - try to check me 
Expectations well defined 
Dissect me - want to wreck me 
Violator of my own will 
Accept me - reject me 
F#5         A5    A5 F#5
Separate or SHOOT TO KILL

[Repeat Chorus](x2)
Everything's falling apart

So thats basicaly it! I'm pretty sure it's right, it sounds good ;)
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