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Young Neil, Campaigner Chords (ver.1)

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Campaigner Chords (ver.1)

Young Neil Tabs
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I play it in D, though i think it might be capoed at the 2nd fret on
the lp.

Intro revolves around a D to D/E (lift your 2nd finger to let the high
E ring about 4 times) then a D/G (?) which i play by adding a G bass
on top of the same D structure on the 1st & 2nd strings
 D	____D/E____	____D/G____		
	|_|_|_|_|_|	|_|_|_|_|_|
	|_|_|_X_|_O	|_|_|_X_|_| <---alternate fretting and open
	|_|_|_|_X_|	X_|_|_|_X_|
	|_|_|_|_|_|	|_|_|_|_|_|

lesse, verses (this is hard to do w/o a guitar handy)

D			D/G
i am a lonely visitor, came to late to cause a stir
	  D		    Bm		      G	
though i campaigned all my life towards that goal
   G		     F#m		Bm
i hardly slept the night you wept, our secrets safe
and still well-kept
	A			  Bm
where even richard nixon has got soul
G			    A
even richard nixon has got soul...

50 52 40 52 (Bm) 50 63 (G)

50 52 40 52 (Bm) 50 60 (E)

(that's the little bass riff)

The Bm/A chord i play by fretting a Bm at 2nd fret, then lift off
the barre and let the A and high E strings ring open.

that should get you there...where even richard nixon has got soul.

Mark Lynch

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