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Warren Haynes, Old Friend Tabs (ver.2)

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Old Friend Tabs (ver.2)

Warren Haynes Tabs
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Old Friend

                                 performed by Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks
                                 album Hittin' The Note
                                 Allman Brothers Band
     transcripted by MicRey

I use an open C tuning for this song, very useful for a slide guitar playing. The 
D tuning can be obtained by a capo on second board.
As for me, this is the better way to get the "original" sound and to  perform both parts, high and low.
This tab is neither complete nor totally exact, but I hope it will help you to play this 
I did not transcript the solo part, for I play by hear, and never played it otherwise 
So hold on your bottlenecks and play!

E |----------------------------------|------------------------------------|
C |/3-\2-p0----/5--3-----0--------0--|-/3-\2-p0----/5--3------------------|
G |-------------------------3-/4-----|------------------------------------|
C |----------------------------------|------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------|------------------------------------|
C |----------------------------------|------------------------------------|
main riff [high]

E |----------------------------------|-----------------------------|-------|
C |/3-\2-p0----/5--3-----0--------0--|--------------------0--------|-------|
G |-------------------------3-/4-----|--3-\2-p0--------------------|-------|
C |----------------------------------|-----------3-\2-p0-----------|-------|
G |----------------------------------|-----------------------------|-------|
C |----------------------------------|-----------------------------|-------|

E |----------------------------------|--------------------------------|----|
C |/3-\2-p0----/5--3-----0--------0--|-/3-\2-p0----/5--3--------------|----|
G |-------------------------3-/4-----|--------------------------------|----|
C |----------------------------------|--------------------------------|----|
G |----------------------------------|--------------------------------|----|
C |----------------------------------|--------------------------------|----|

E |----------------------------------|--------------------------|----------|
C |/3-\2-p0----/5--3--3--4--5--6--7--|--------------------0-----|----------|
G |----------------------------------|--3-\2-p0-----------------|----------|
C |----------------------------------|-----------3-\2-p0--------|----------|
G |----------------------------------|--------------------------|----------|
C |----------------------------------|--------------------------|----------|
                                     [          faster        ]

main riff low is obtained by playing mostly the same pattern on the 3 low strings.Give a 
vibrato...when you can, my computer doesn't accept to write it.
an interesting effect: play the pattern on both 4th and 5th string, it's pretty good.

Chords may be considered two ways
Derek plays chords on strings 3=4-5.Warren plays arpeggio,or similar

E |-------------------------------------------------|--------------1--------|
C |-0-----3-----5-----0-----7-----10----5-----0----|--0-----3-----0-----0---|
G |-0-----3-----5-----0-----7-----10----5-----0----|--0-----3-----2-----0---|
C |-0-----3-----5-----0-----7-----10----5-----0----|--0-----3-----0-----0---|
G |-------------------------------------------------|--0-----3-----------0--|
C |-------------------------------------------------|-----------------------|
      [            bis                 ]         [              bis                 ]    
      [              bis               ]
  Derek                                                                                   Warren

E |-------3-----------------1-------|
C |-------2-----------0-----0-----0-|
G |-------0-----------3-----2-----0-|
C |-------2-----------2-----0-----0-|
G |-------0-----2-----3-----------0-|
C |---------------------------------|
                 [                     bis                     ]

I used the common signs: / for slide up - \ for slide down - p for pulling off
Listen to the song then try to play it, shaking your bottleneck all along the neck!
Enjoy ( well, I hope so)
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